Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 17 process. Her personal touches are what elevate weddings from a simple ceremony to an unforgettable experience – one that not only captures the very personalities of the happy couple, but perfectly demonstrates what their love means to them. Such a practise is beyond beautiful, and is what makes every wedding under Rosella Lanzafame truly remarkable. LUXlife Magazine is our way of inviting those most dedicated to glamour into the spotlight, and Rosella Lanzafame is one entity who undeniably deserves its place on the LUXlife stage. From its very first wedding, to its most recent, the collective has never failed to take couples’ breaths away. Be it due to its ability to bring their vision to life in ways they may have never imagined, or a result of just how intrinsically it understands its clients, Rosella Lanzafame carries itself with an elegance that extends to every facet of its work. It’s for this very reason that we are eager to feature Rosella Lanzafame in The Global Wedding Awards 2024, and we can’t wait to see what gorgeous weddings it has in the works for the coming season. Contact: Rossella Lanzafame Company: Rosella Lanzafame Web Address: