Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 23 Best Country Wedding Venue 2024 – Gauteng & LUXlife Excellence Award for Country-Style Cuisine 2024 - Gauteng Few things in life go hand in hand as seamlessly as a magnificent wedding and excellent food. Oakfield Farm - Wedding & Function Venue in Johannesburg knows this better than most, with this authentic country-style site famed for throwing some of the best weddings in the country, attracting couples from all over the world as a result. Having such a global audience keeps the team at Oakfield Farm on their toes, and their offering of a comprehensive bundle that encompasses the venue, chapel, and catering, while also affording couples the freedom to add the finishing touches themselves, strikes the balance between stress-free and personalised. Owner Carl Visser tells us more. Every wedding should be an accurate reflection of the betrothed couple, projected on a massive scale and with an undercurrent of taste, elegance, and luxury. The 33-year-old venue Oakfield Farm is determined to ensure that each of the love- and life-affirming celebrations it holds are exactly this, providing a selection of tasteful décor options while leaving room for the couple to add such elements as the cake, DJ, and flowers themselves, sacrificing none of the luxury but making sure that the wedding is as tailored to that specific couple as can be. As Carl explains, “we believe that by embracing the distinct desires and preferences of each couple, we can help them create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.” This all starts with a setting that subtly yet beautifully connotes its history as a farm, where fruit trees once blossomed, and animals roamed the lush areas of green. It is this heritage that provides the foundation for the undefinable magic that is sought after in a wedding venue, with Carl and his team regularly updating facilities so as to appease modern demands and resonate with those couples that yearn for the unique and aesthetically pleasing. It is only through the continued efforts of this team that Oakfield Farm has been able to refine its reputation for excellence over the years, and as Carl aptly puts it, “couples may come and go, but our staff remain a constant presence.” He emphasises, “while our love for couples and creating magical experiences is what drives us each day, it is the loyalty and commitment of our staff that I hold most dear.” On the back of this, Carl prides himself on the working culture that he has nurtured, one of mutual respect and support, and he believes all this contributes immensely to Oakfield Farm being the truly special place that it is today. An overwhelming sense of united difference is Oakfield Farm’s greatest strength, with this rich diversity combining to create something entirely unique. This is on display across the venue and weaved into all of its offerings, particularly regarding food. Scrumptious food may just be the defining memory of the Oakfield Farm experience, and from the country-style breakfast free for all staying guests, through to the platter that adorns each suite/dressing room free of charge, and the designer menus personally designed in collaboration with an on-site chef, guests will enjoy fresh, authentic, and quality dishes served to them at every turn. Even as South Africa’s wedding industry continues to plateau following the fallout from Oakfield Farm - Wedding & Function Venue the pandemic, Carl and the entire team remain as resilient, adaptive, and determined as ever. This can be seen in the ambitious, focused five-year plan for the venue that Carl lays out, which includes the likes of adding additional accommodation options, opening a small onsite restaurant that will include more breakfast and lunch options, and expanding its stable area. Through these planned expansions, Carl tells us, “we aim to further solidify Oakfield Farm as a premier wedding venue while also enhancing the overall experience for our guests.” Those looking for an unforgettable experience in a breathtaking farm-style event and wedding venue will be hard-pressed to find an option that is as special, unique, and encompassing of all of their needs as Oakfield Farm - Wedding & Function Venue. Each of the 72 acres of garden and field spaces comprising this distinguished country venue have one thing in mind for those lucky enough to venture onto them – making memories. For events in every season and of every scale, look no further than Oakfield Farm. Contact: Carl Visser Company: Oakfield Farm - Wedding & Function Venue Web Address: