Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 25 When you look back at the photos of your wedding, you want it to feel like it was just that. A wedding. Not a drawn-out photoshoot where you spent the whole day posing with an aching jaw from smiling so much. This is where TKM Photography comes in, as with its unique documentary-style approach to wedding photography, couples are afforded the essence of their wedding in a tangible format, as opposed to simply some pictures of what it looked like. Sharing one vision, the husbandand-wife team of Tay and Katrina Macdonald capture magnificence from their bases of Toronto, Canada and Roatan, Honduras. Best Domestic and Destination Wedding Photographer 2024 (Canada): Katrina Macdonald Beyond just Toronto and the surrounding areas, TKM Photography also does destination weddings, predominantly around its secondary home base of Roatan, Honduras. Regardless of location, ahead of the special day, Tay and Kat strive to spend time with the couples that they will photograph to get to know a bit more about them, and should they choose Roatan for their wedding, point out the best destinations on this slice of paradise that, for Tay and Kat, is the greatest place in the world. As you can probably tell, TKM Photography wants to be your friend who happens to have a camera, not merely a service provider existing on the fringes of your wedding. With 2024 now in full swing, Kat tells us that this year has seen the couple spending a good portion of the year in Roatan, splitting their time between there and Toronto to serve clients who desire their services in and around both of these breathtaking wedding locations, as well as further afield on a case-by-case basis, with uniform excellence on display at every turn. Numerous testimonials from clients corroborate this fact, with one saying that the pictures taken by TKM Photography were, “by far the most natural wedding photos I’ve ever seen”, and another adding, “you will not be disappointed.” As the world of wedding photography is impacted by AI, much like every industry across the globe, Katrina Macdonald and her husband remain champions of the integral human element of photography, something necessary for reflecting true human emotion and real-life moments in as accurate and personal a manner as possible. Receiving this award for its skill as both a domestic and destination wedding photographer, TKM Photography is not only an expert in this field but is also the perfect choice for your wider photography needs, from engagement photoshoots through to family portraits and everything in between. Contact: Kat Macdonald Company: TKM Photography Web Address: & eddings usually take several months or even years to plan, and they go by so fast that if you are the bride or the groom, you scarcely get the chance to stop and look around. Through TKM Photography, Tay and Kat Macdonald use their near decade of experience working together to keep these memories alive long after the big day is over, turning the best day of your life into a unique documentary-style piece of art that can be enjoyed again and again. After all, your photos are your legacy, and they are something you should be immensely proud of showing off to future generations. This unique approach to wedding photography certainly sets TKM apart from the competition, and Tay and Kat describe themselves as being particularly fond of taking pictures of people that are in love. Love is not a rigid element, it is a subject that is bright and dynamic, and as such, it deserves a photographer (or two) aware of this that can capture a story’s best moments in a way that flows and is comfortable, not awkward and impersonal. In fact, this duo are so committed to making their clients feel comfortable that it serves as one of the primary reasons that they are the go-to wedding photographers in the region. As for the other reasons, first of all, this team are experts in capturing not only the moments of the day, but also the emotions that go hand in hand with them. The tears, the laughter, the dancing – they are all equally important parts of encapsulating the unique spirit of a wedding and deserve to be cherished. Moreover, since there are two photographers on hand at all times, whose shared vision is so in sync that they are often unable to tell who took a certain picture, no moment is missed. Then comes the results, a portfolio of timeless pictures that are edited tastefully and traditionally to still look as good 50 years from now as they do today. W TKM Photography