Global Wedding Awards 2024

26 | LUXlife Magazine s a UK and Destination wedding photographer, Joce Boissin travels around the world to craft exceptional wedding films that couples can treasure forever. Joce has always been captivated by the art of visual storytelling and his love for cinema inspires everything he creates. Lune de Miel Studio, French for honeymoon, was originally established in 2021 as a way for Joce to channel his creativity and craft wedding films for couples. Each wedding day is a deeply personal occasion that tells an intimate story which Joce aspires to capture authentically. Joce’s ethos revolves around storytelling and can be described as cinematic, emotive, and timeless. Joce shares, “I deliver creative and artistic films, but I never turn it into a big production on the day. I capture the big and the small moments. They’re what make their day. All of this is then carefully edited to music, in sync with the video, to tell the story of their wedding. My films are warm, both in colours but also emotions. I love capturing the interactions between people, and always do so from the perspective of a guest. I always use the speeches as a voice over to tell the story, as this is the most personal and intimate part of your wedding.” A wedding film should not only capture the ‘who’ but also the ‘where’ and the ‘why’. As a visual storyteller, Joce draws inspiration from cinema, demonstrated through his shooting style and editing process. While photography is a great way to immortalise memories, video can depict the sights and sounds to transport the couple back to their special day. A wedding film is not only for the couple but also for families. When children and grandchildren revisit the film years later, they will experience the occasion firsthand and see family history brought to life before their eyes. Joce’s art offers couples a labour of love that will preserve happy memories for generations to come. Joce says, “As a videographer, I feel strongly about the power of storytelling. My main priority at the wedding is to let everything unfold before me, and let the framing do the work. I never stage or direct anything. I only want to capture authentic emotions. I let things happen in front of my camera, as it’s the most natural way to convey the story. I use different techniques to deliver a cinematic experience, including drone footage or even sound design.” In the competitive wedding industry, wedding videography has been steadily growing. Over a decade ago, the idea of hiring a professional to create a wedding video would have seemed extravagant with most couples opting for traditional photography. For Lune de Miel Studio, Destination Storytelling Wedding Videographer of the Year 2024 (UK): Joce Boissin For those seeking to capture and relive the magic of their special day, Lune de Miel Studio offers elegant wedding videos that last a lifetime. Founder Joce Boissin is an award-winning UK and Destination wedding videographer, passionate about creating cinematic wedding films that tell a unique story. Joce strives to capture the essence of every love story and for his creative vision, he has been honoured at this year’s Global Wedding Awards. the biggest challenge has been educating people on what exactly a wedding film involves. Joce is passionate about creating films that are authentic and capture genuine moments such as the couple getting ready and guests’ reactions. Joce is a solo shooter and the sole figure behind Lune de Miel Studio. Since its inception, his vision for the business has remained unchanged. Lune de Miel Studio is a reflection of his personality, genuine and wholly creative. Joce crafts films that are full of emotion and designed to tug at the heartstrings. Each film is a work of art, carefully edited into a narrative that is distinct for every couple. Recognised in this year’s Global Wedding Awards, Joce Boissin leverages the art of storytelling to deliver spectacular wedding videography that couples and families can cherish forever. Contact: Joce Boissin Company: Lune de Miel Studio Web Address: A