Global Wedding Awards 2024

28 | LUXlife Magazine Best Wedding & Events Planner 2024 - Singapore & LUXlife Client Service Excellence Award 2024 Booking an event through 1-HOST is your ticket to an unforgettable, tailor-made Singapore wedding. Time and again, the team demonstrates its commitment to making every big day as special as the last, including corporate events. We spoke with Alvin Chua, Sales and Business Development Manager, for a look behind the scenes to understand just what goes into a 1-HOST event. For over a decade, 1-HOST has coordinated luxury Singapore weddings, garden weddings, and events across a range of stunning venues. Offering an extensive suite of services, the team marries its first-class work ethic with each client’s unique vision, taking on as many responsibilities as necessary to ensure the smooth, stress-free realisation of every big day. 1-HOST’s services are all tailored to its clients’ needs, and they include: Planning & Venue Management When the stakes are high, organising a special day can be a world of stress, which is why 1-HOST streamlines the process for its clients, arranging a cover-all meeting prior to the event. This conversation tackles every detail from logistics to table settings and leaves no stone unturned. All venues are maintained to the highest standards, and 1-HOST collaborates with talented designers to style these spaces in line with the desired atmosphere. The company acknowledges the need for enormous variation in mood and theme between clients. It’s understood that no two weddings are alike, and 1-HOST arranges décor to suit. Catering Services With customisable menus, a 1-HOST dining experience is adapted to the guests’ every want and need, comprising a diverse range of cuisines spanning all dietary requirements. They do all they can to ensure that every guest is catered for and that not one of them goes hungry! Entertainment Booking 1-HOST helps to source and book toptier entertainment, such as live bands, DJs, performers, and speakers, going further still to ease those big decisions on the client’s end and take the legwork out of every special event. 1-HOST’s exceptional service not only stuns clients and guests alike, but it’s also weathered every storm to affect the industry. Event planning is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape where societal, technological and economic changes present looming threats to an unprepared business. Where others see threats, however, 1-HOST sees a healthy challenge. As clients have requested a deeper level of personalisation to their big day, the team has been happy to adapt. Keeping with the times, the business also embraces virtual wedding consultations, digital invitations and live streaming ceremonies. Aware of its potential environmental impact, 1-HOST is pleased to mould its offering to the eco-friendly client. Locally sourced food, zero-waste décor, and eco-friendly attire are examples of the steps 1-HOST takes to adapt for a greener event. To plenty of clients, the big day wouldn’t be the same without minimising its carbon footprint. 1-HOST, like any outstanding business, recognises the work and dedication of its staff and that each role plays a critical part in ensuring an event runs smoothly. The business is keen to train and develop its employees, lead by example, and to encourage seamless collaboration. Internal feedback at 1-HOST is as welcomed as a client review, and it’s important to the company that every employee and department shares its vision and feels empowered to deliver it. In the years to come, 1-HOST is committed to remaining agile, adaptable, and forwardthinking. Its team learns from every lesson taught by industry challenges. Striking a balance of client satisfaction and business innovation, it’s a company that is well-set to overcome adversity without sacrificing its commitment to you and your big day. Contact: Alvin Chua Company: Jardin Enchante Pte Ltd Web Address: