Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 29 Taste Caterer is a new, exciting, bespoke wedding and event caterer. With a strong focus on sustainability, the team crafts culinary experiences to serve every wedding uniquely, working closely with each client to match their palate. The company’s tailor-made menus and award-winning team receive excellent client feedback, and Taste Caterer looks forward to a bright future. Most Client-Focused Wedding & Event Catering Business 2024 Southeast England Taste Caterer developing menus, understanding clients’ visions, and helping to make them a reality. Taste Caterer is a local, Sussex-based wedding caterer that stays true to its mission in all that it does. Though only in its early years, it’s managed to make a sizeable mark on the catering landscape, all in accordance with eco-friendly goals. For a sustainable wedding feasts, exclusive menus, and a business that truly understands your wedding vision, look no further than Taste Caterer. Here’s to a bright future of exceptional service! Contact: Steven Sanger Company: Taste Caterer Web Address: aste Caterer is driven by the belief in individuality. It was founded with the idea in mind that no two weddings should be alike, and that every bride or groom should feel entitled to their dream celebration. According to these core values, the team works with its clients to create a bespoke dining experience which reflects their precise wants and plays its part to perfection in each special day. Its commitment is not just to delivering outstanding cuisine, but to enhancing the overall style of an event, creating picturesque displays to serve the theme and catch the eye. It’s important to Taste Caterer that it uplifts an event in the entirety of its service. The best cuts of premium meat, most delectable fish, and farm shop fruit and veg just aren’t the same if they aren’t presented to impress! Sustainability is at the heart of Taste Caterer’s bespoke service. To increase the eco-friendliness of its menus, it serves locally sourced, in-season produce, which is prepared and served with environmental impact in mind. Not relying on imported food is key to the company’s mission, which limits the overall delivery process, saving on carbon emissions. The team is proud to also serve local economies in the process, giving back to communities, small farmers, and the planet alike. Each and every one of Taste Caterer’s employees takes the company’s mission seriously, coming together with a drive to innovate, and to go above and beyond, reflected in the rave-reviews the team proudly receives. Unlike many companies of its kind, Taste Caterer didn’t emerge from the catering industry, instead comprising a staff base which came together from various kitchens and venues to create something new. Its award-winning service and word-of-mouth recommendations speak to how quickly the company has adapted to the catering scene. In as little as two years, Taste Caterer has found its place within the industry and continues to justify that place with every dream wedding. The team’s extraordinary drive will serve it well during 2024’s busiest stretch. Having worked closely with clients, the team is excited to experience all their special days alongside them, working hard to keep its end running smoothly amidst the back-to-back wedding season. After the season calms down, it looks ahead fondly to a 2025 spent T