Global Wedding Awards 2024

30 | LUXlife Magazine the industry. This dedication to excellence has earned her the prestigious Best Wedding Cake Bakery 2024 - Victoria & LUXlife Bespoke Creations Award 2024, a testament to her success, creativity, and unwavering commitment to her dream. Leaving behind her corporate career, Helen now combines her passion for art and baking to create stunning wedding cakes that are truly one-of-a-kind. She takes great pride in knowing that her award-winning work adds an extra touch of magic to couples' special days, and LUXlife is privileged to share the inspiring story of a business owner who has found her true calling. Helen draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, allowing her to create cakes that are truly unique and captivating. Her creative vision is influenced by everything from architectural details to textures and even everyday experiences. With an open mind and a keen eye for beauty, Helen constantly observes the world around her, seeking inspiration for her next masterpiece. This ability to find inspiration in unexpected places sets her apart as an artist and ensures that each cake she creates is a work of art in its own right. It's easy to see Helen’s passion in all that she does. The care, expertise, and attention she pays to every facet of her business and its place within the industry shows just how compelled she was to begin it. Here’s to a bright future, exciting new business opportunities, and Blissful Inspiration Cakes. Contact: Helen Hatzaras Company: Blissful Inspiration Cakes Web Address: Best Wedding Cake Bakery 2024 – Victoria & LUXlife Bespoke Creations Award 2024 Blissful Inspirations Cakes is a touching story of success, creativity, and the joy of following a dream. Having left the corporate world behind, Owner Helen Hatzaras now combines her love for art and baking to create gorgeously unique wedding cakes. Helen feels honoured that her award-winning work helps put the extra special into a special day, and we at LUXlife are lucky to explore the success of a business owner who has truly found her calling. Helen works closely with couples who are preparing for their wedding day, and she inspires plenty of trust by her stunning body of work and deeply empathetic client approach. It’s important to Helen that each cake she bakes is just as individual as the couple who requests it and the wedding it’s a part of. No two are alike, and she’s on a mission to perfectly match each of her creations to the couple’s wedding theme. Helen's primary focus lies in the art of designing exquisite wedding cakes, which forms a significant portion of her business and where her true passion lies. However, she also finds great pleasure in designing cakes for other special occasions, including engagements, birthdays, and baptisms. Helen's commitment to her work is shown through her equal enthusiasm for creating cakes for all types of events, not just weddings. Blissful Inspirations Cakes maintains its seamless operation not only in the bakery but also in providing exceptional client care. Helen, the owner, understands the importance of good customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel valued and prioritized. She promptly responds to emails, addressing any inquiries or concerns with efficiency and professionalism. The wedding cake industry is highly competitive, requiring a great deal of talent to succeed. Helen, the owner of Blissful Inspirations Cakes, understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and constantly improving her techniques to surpass her competitors. She believes in providing a unique service that sets her apart from others in