Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 33 An aesthetic and beautifully tasting cake is one of the fundamentals of any wedding or significant celebration, and few people know this better than Jasmine Rae De Lung, the mastermind behind Jasmine Rae Cakes. For almost two decades now, this female business owner has been expertly crafting fine art cakes for weddings and other such occasions, with all of her creations inclusive of the stand (which is seen as an extension of the cake itself) as well as delivery. We catch up with Jasmine to find out more. Best Fine Art Cake Maker 2024 to help her clients truly reimagine cakes, whether this be loving a lemon curd when they previously hated lemons, or desiring a black cake for their wedding when they were previously shackled by the bounds of normality and the traditional. Aside from the field of cake art and design, Jasmine also excels in helping professional cake makers struggling to find their niche in what is an overpopulated and often underperforming industry, this a result of low entry barriers. As Jasmine explains, “long-term professional businesses have a hard time sustaining themselves or getting ahead because the market is so watered-down.” Since many people in this industry are finding their feet on a public stage, Jasmine believes it is difficult for cake making to be viewed as the art that it is. Through her leveraging of the skills that she has learnt in the owning and operating of her mature business, Jasmine today feels a strong moral responsibility to work towards the forging of a brighter future for this industry more broadly. Furthermore, having been through a number of significant life events over the past couple of years, Jasmine finds herself spring loaded and ready to further hone her craft, all whilst serving as inspiration for those looking to make a dent in this space. Now operating under a solo business model, this as a result of many of her previous employees starting up businesses of their own, Jasmine is continuing to manage what is more than a mere cake business, with Jasmine Rae Cakes being responsible for true cake art that stands as the tasty centrepiece for those cherished and personal events. Contact: Jasmine Rae De Lung Company: Jasmine Rae Cakes Web Address: n January, Jasmine Rae De Lung celebrated her 18th year in this business. Throughout this period, there have been a number of highlights, such as the feature written about her by The New York Times and Vogue Magazine commenting that, “San Francisco native Jasmine Rae has become one the most sought-after names in the game, and her awe-inspiring creations see patisserie meet art.” Undoubtedly, however, the one that thing stands out above all others for Jasmine has been the countless expressions of joy and amazement painted across the faces of her clients when they see their finished creations. After all, each and every cake made by Jasmine Rae Cakes is wholly unique, and across her journey so far, Jasmine has been responsible for pioneering a number of techniques that are today incredibly popular across the industry, from the “rough stone” technique through to the using of torn paper ruffles and acrylic bases. In fact, as Jasmine tells us, “many clients take photos of my work to my competitors, asking them to copy my cakes.” This speaks volumes about the quality of Jasmine’s work and reinforces the fact that she is truly an artist in this sphere. Moreover, Jasmine prides herself on operating like an artist, having built her own theory of practice that not only guides her work, but also how she relates to all of her clients. “Having a theory of practice, a sort of intentional rubric that guides my approach to my work, is something that is evident in my portfolio. I believe it is the key to eternal inspiration, builds trust early with clients, and provides me a sense of security when learning new things.” Beyond this, Jasmine Rae Cakes adheres strictly to the power of the natural process, or the relationship from which vitality is born. Jasmine describes this as, “the relationship between materials, environments, and the artist’s hands.” Underpinning the nature of this, she continues, “inspiration for the work lives in the willingness to let your materials surprise you, let your clients surprise you, and let your environment surprise you.” With no menus available, all flavours and creations are entirely unique and can thus take on a life of their own, all within any boundaries that may have been set previously by a client. In essence then, it is Jasmine’s job I