Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 35 Most Dedicated Wedding Planning Team 2024 – Paphos & LUXlife Wedding Awards Client Service Dedication Excellence Award 2024 Paphos Weddings Made Easy Destination weddings are rising in population over recent years, with the industry projected to see an over $50 billion increase by 2027 according to Research and Markets’ annual report. With beautiful scenery, unique wedding experiences, and an increase in the affordability of travelling, it is clear to understand why couples are opting to wed abroad. Destination weddings, however, require more planning and often, more stress. Paphos Weddings Made Easy is a wedding planning team based in Cyprus that promises to ease the burden of wedding planning so that you can relax and enjoy your special day. Paphos Weddings Made Easy is an award-winning wedding planning team located in the stunning coastal town of Paphos, Cyprus. The team has over 14 years of experience in wedding planning and services a variety of wedding types, whether legally binding or spiritually bonding. The company caters mainly to UK couples looking for destination weddings, but has seen couples from all around the world, from all walks of life. A multitude of services are offered by Paphos Weddings Made Easy, all carefully designed to ensure that clients are receiving top-quality care. All services are provided in-house, so clients need only pay a small £350 deposit that covers the whole range on offer. These services include bespoke floral designs, personalised wedding favours and decorations, transport, entertainment, beauty treatments, and photography and videography services provided by the award-winning Paul Jones Photography. Paphos Weddings Made Easy offers clients a list of packages at varying price points so that there are services available for clients with a range of different budgets. The company recognises the wealth of opportunities available for wedding planners in Paphos. In addition to the gorgeous coastline and picturesque promenade, Paphos boasts a multitude of hotels and suppliers with expert industry knowledge. Paphos Weddings Made Easy uses trusted, local vendors and suppliers to ensure that clients are getting the true, authentic experience. The team at Paphos Weddings Made Easy is comprised of four incredibly hard workers that are dedicated to providing the wedding day of their clients’ dreams. We speak with Company Director Joanne Heyworth about the team behind her award-winning services. She tells us, “We are a team – we work together, each with our own strengths and preferences. We have Cat, Sarah, and Sally, all such a massive credit to the company’s success.” To ensure high morale and trust within the team, the company plans regular team bonding sessions away in addition to freetime spent together. Through spending time away work together, the team can form bonds that make them even stronger when working closely with one another, giving room for creativity to grow within a trusting environment. The wedding industry has seen its challenges over the years, especially the destination sector. As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdown enforcements resulted in a difficult period for Paphos Weddings Made Easy. Joanne recalls that the team were called upon to calm and reassure clients, which truly highlights the trusting relationship built between the team and its clientele. Joanne tells us, “We spent all of our work time transferring weddings to next year and just speaking with our couples, keeping them updated as soon as we heard anything – it was most important to have a constant presence.” Despite these adversities, Paphos Weddings Made Easy has persevered and maintained its position as an industry leader through its dedication to staying ahead of the curve. The team has remained the same since its establishment, with a recent addition as the company has developed further. Staying in touch with the latest styles, themes, and additions to the wedding market is pivotal to retaining Paphos Weddings Made Easy’s five-star award status. With projections for even further expansion in the destination wedding industry, it is certain that 2024 will be a big year for Paphos Weddings Made Easy. Joanne proudly tells us, “The future is so exciting – new ventures coming our way and new styles. It really is an industry of change and one we embrace with flair and passion. New venues help us keep fresh and help our photographers keep inspired. So yes, lots of exciting things are heading into the future for Paphos Weddings Made Easy!” Contact Details Contact: Joanne Heyworth Company: Paphos Weddings Made Easy Web Address: