Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 37 As experts in homemade floral decorations, Florala. Fun specialises in crafting exquisite floral casts from beautiful flowers and plants. Established in Poland by Alina Motyka, the pioneering company provides a unique service with eternal decorations designed to preserve life’s most treasured moments. Best Wedding Bouquet Preservation Business 2024 – Poland & LUXlife Wedding Memento Excellence Award 2024 Florala.Fun perfect gift for any occasion including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Eternal roses have previously been encased in glass balls and lampshades, akin to Beauty and the Beast, but Florala.Fun strives to fulfil customers’ individual desires to create the composition of their dreams. Alina Motyka says, “I am not afraid of challenges. I do not stop at readymade solutions, but when making such unique souvenirs, I try to adapt to the customer's requirements. I make souvenirs not only from ready-made moulds, but also build moulds for casting according to individual orders such as a coffee table with embedded flowers or fancy candlesticks. The only limitation is our imagination.” In addition to its exquisite, preserved offerings, Florala.Fun also provides floristic services for a wide range of events and celebrations. With its customer-centric approach, its services are only limited by the event’s time and budgetary constraints. For weddings, Florala.Fun offers romantic wedding decorations, beautiful table decorations, and striking wedding boutiques. All flowers are expertly arranged to create a leitmotif that embodies the ceremony’s unique vision and atmosphere. Dedicated to capturing the beauty of flowers, Florala.Fun is the home of handmade floral decorations, designed to remind the recipient of life’s most treasured moments. Amidst its wide range of original gifts, the business preserves wedding boutiques as an exceptional souvenir of couples’ special day. Through each design, Florala.Fun creates a magnificent time machine that preserves memories of clients’ wedding day while capturing the natural beauty of living flowers. For its exquisite creations, Florala.Fun has been honoured at this year’s prestigious Global Wedding Awards. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Florala.Fun as it continues to revolutionise the gifting industry with its extraordinary, original gifts. Contact: Alina Motyka Company: Florala.Fun Web Address: ounded in 2016, Florala.Fun offers a wide range of handmade floral decorations for every occasion. For centuries, cut plants have been synonymous with appreciation and remembrance as well as a confession of feelings towards a loved one. Although every sentiment can be expressed through the gifting of flowers, these presents are unfortunately perishable and unable to stand the test of time. Florala.Fun was established by Alina Motyka to preserve floral gifts, capturing flowers in resin and glass to extend their natural lifespan. To create its handmade flower decorations, Florala.Fun utilises a special stabilisation process to ensure flowers retain their natural appearance, freshness, and beauty for up to two years. The process involves replacing the plant’s natural juices with a special glycerine solution then drying and colouring the flower with pigments. A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of a person’s life and many brides decide to keep their bouquet as a souvenir. In the past, pressing flowers has been the most effective way of preserving them, but the latest method to enter the market is placing flowers in resin. Although originally introduced for other purposes, the process is ideal for extending the lifespan of plants. Flowers make the perfect subjects with focused light reflecting every colour and the smallest details of bouquets able to be viewed as if through a magnifying glass. For couples wishing to preserve their wedding bouquet, Florala.Fun allows them to keep the memory of their special day alive with its unique preservation service. Flowers flooded with resin can be moulded into various shapes such as a heart, a lamp, a candlestick, or even a wall clock. Florala.Fun also creates initials from flowers with each piece expertly designed to reflect couples’ wedding day and symbolise the eternal bond between them. Alina Motyka shares, “My greatest achievement is that two years ago in my country, few people knew that you could preserve live flowers and have a wedding bouquet as a souvenir. Now I keep memories not only of the Wedding Day, but also of other emotionally important events. Like the last sandwich prepared by a Grandfather for his Granddaughter.” Another of Florala.Fun’s signature products is its eternal roses, a beautiful gift that is entirely unique. These stunning arrangements make the F