Global Wedding Awards 2024

4 | LUXlife Magazine Regardless of how organised a person you may be, there’s event that is guaranteed to put your skills to the test – your wedding day. One moment, you’re putting together a lovely surprise birthday party. The next, you’re juggling a massive budget, picking out the perfect venue, deciding on the décor, developing the theme, seeking out the transport, sourcing the catering, and a whole myriad of other factors that may very well end up forgotten until it’s too late. The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed leading up to what is bound to be the best day of your life, so why should you subject yourself to it? This is the very question that led to the creation of Red Velvet Weddings – Ise Chaves’ way of alleviating the strain of wedding planning via her comprehensive planning packages. Whether couples are looking for a more intimate setting in which they can celebrate their love with a handful of their most cherished people, or are wanting to indulge in a large-scale extravaganza that’s designed to kick their marriage off with a bang, Ise is a master of making it happen. Accompanied by her two assistants, she works closely with a diverse range of clients spanning a multitude of ethnicities, sexualities, and backgrounds, promising to put together a wedding that’ll exceed their expectations. With such a breadth of experience at her fingertips, Ise prides herself on her versatility – from arranging distinctly traditional weddings steeped in the couple’s culture, to planning modern ceremonies that explore the definition of contemporary. No matter what a couple may be expecting from their wedding day, Ise is in the business of bringing it to life, while simultaneously adding her own insights wherever possible. To Ise, honouring the Mar24350 Central America Luxury Destination Wedding Planner of the Year 2024: Ise Chaves Weddings – the unity of two individuals, who bring their separate characteristics together to become an indomitable paragon of love and companionship. Whether extravagant or traditional, weddings exists to represent the intricate lives of both parties as they become one, and must therefore capture the whimsy of love, while upholding what makes each person them. However, doing so is far easier said than done. Thankfully, Ise Chaves of Red Velvet Weddings promises Costa Rica’s couples access to professional wedding coordination and customised wedding design services that are fully focused on making their dream day a reality. Join us as we eagerly explore how. personalities and preferences of the couples she meets is paramount to arranging their wedding day on their behalf, and she therefore goes above and beyond to ensure that her services encompass every aspect of the planning process. Be it venue selection, décor design, vendor coordination, or timeline management, Ise is fully committed to not only understanding her clients, but expressing their nuances in every little detail of each wedding she works on. All the while, she demonstrates an exemplary talent for removing all of the stresses associated with wedding planning, allowing couples to focus on what matters the most to them – celebrating their love and creating cherished memories.