Global Wedding Awards 2024

40 | LUXlife Magazine Best Destination Wedding & Elopement Planner 2024 - the Netherlands When Nicole Stark, a visionary wedding planner from Calgary Alberta, Canada first set foot in Amsterdam more than 20 years ago, she fell in love with the location and decided to move. Nicole has since been empowering couples to feel that same sense of awe, offering destination weddings and elopements across this beautiful country and the rest of the world, working with a number of local businesses and wedding planners to provide the personal touch and attention that all engaged couples deserve ahead of their big day. Under the banner of My Forever Weddings, Nicole is able to live out her dream of helping her clients to live out theirs, sporting a handy checklist to ensure satisfaction and a streamlined wedding planning process from initial inquiry right through to those unforgettable moments that make up what is often cited as the best day of a person’s life. Much more than a mere wedding planner, Nicole is also a guide and a listening ear, but most importantly, she is a friend, one that is always by the side of her clients. My Forever Weddings’ undying affinity with the Netherlands is on display throughout its suite of services. The company adores working with local businesses across the country, hiring local people who love what they do and can provide a destination wedding like no other. By leaving its clients in the hands of local vendors and not flying out to a destination, a smaller carbon footprint is left, and local communities are benefited. This is a true win-win situation for all involved, especially the loved-up couples who benefit from unparalleled expertise. With this in mind, those in search of the ultimate spring wedding need look no further than My locations as atop a mountain in Canada, on a beachfront in Zanzibar, and even a treehouse wedding in Ohio, this team have planned and executed special days in locations across the globe. Sourcing a dream destination for clients is the steadfast passion of Nicole, who will help pick a location before handling the rest herself, making this a stress-free process entirely. Likewise, wherever in the world these oncein-a-lifetime events are held, My Forever Weddings pledges to work with local vendors just as it does in the Netherlands, the result being the creation of a unique, tailored vibe that perfectly reflects the chosen destination and the couple being celebrated. Best of all, this service even extends to the honeymoon, as Nicole shares equally robust connections with a network of travel agents on every corner of the map, providing a honeymoon that is just as spectacular as the wedding itself. There to help every step of the way across this process are incredibly useful online planning tools, which are made available to all clients regardless of their chosen service. This innovative and collaborative approach is further testament to the triumphs of Nicole and My Forever Weddings, and with dozens of online reviews corroborating the excellence of this company and its range of services, it is our privilege to name the business as the Best Destination Wedding & Elopement Planner 2024 - the Netherlands. With a no strings attached introductory wedding consultation available, why wait? Click the website link listed below and join Nicole in getting your party started today. Contact: Nicole Stark Company: My Forever Weddings Web Address: Forever Weddings’ famed “Tulip Elopements”, whereby couples can tie the knot in a private tulip field that they have all to themselves. Since such fields are usually privately owned, people are often not allowed to cross them. Thanks to the close ties forged with one farming family who have been growing tulips now for three generations, couples here are afforded exclusive access to a breathtaking farm just a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam. Those equally as passionate about the Netherlands but seeking a more public affair may find themselves planning an Amsterdam wedding with Nicole, with her expertise concerning everything from the city’s hidden treasures to the most scenic and spectacular locations manifesting in the creation of an unforgettable, unmatched wedding experience. From bold, vibrant flower markets through to venues right on the edge of the canal, Amsterdam has it all. Beyond just its home base of the Netherlands, My Forever Weddings also proudly offers wedding destinations with a bit more adventure. With past experience hosting weddings in such