Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 45 Organising your wedding photography can be a stressinducing ordeal, with unreliable photographers, terrible weather, and last-minute disasters. It is important to book with a photographer that you can trust to provide you with professional, high-quality shots that perfectly capture the essence of your special day. Curves and Lace Photography in Victoria, Australia promises to do just that. We talk with industry professional and company Founder Carol Shearman to learn more about the company. Best Intimate Wedding Photography Team 2024 – Victoria & LUXlife Inclusive Wedding Services Award 2024: Photography Curves and Lace Photography ment Gap’ has created a greater supply than demand for the industry as a result of these tightening budgets. When asked about the ‘Engagement Gap’ and how it has impacted Curves and Lace Photography, Carol explains, “It has certainly been challenging to educate people that cheapest isn’t always best. For those in genuine need, we have worked with them to create memories within their budget, even offering free photography where we felt that the couple genuinely wouldn’t have any decent memories without us there.” The employees at Curves and Lace Photography are dedicated to giving couples their special day, even at no cost to the client. This is a testament to the passion for their craft, which extends beyond monetary value. The group brings together a range of personalities, experiences and expertise that allow for new perspectives approaches, meaning that every client at Curves and Lace Photography can be perfectly catered to. The company prides itself on being an LGBTQIA inclusive space and this is reflected both within the team and its clients. Speaking on the team, Carol says, “It was always the goal of Curves and Lace to be an inclusive business and to focus on couples whose specific wishes may fall through the cracks of regular vendors. We feel that out diverse team, with all of its experiences in their real lives, makes for the perfect team to capture any wedding day.” The team is actively learning and is always aiming for new and innovative approaches. Most recently, the company has refurbished vintage cameras with plans to hold a training day for the team to learn new techniques. Carol herself has plans to travel permanently in the future, which will broaden Curves and Lace Photography’s reach of clients to the more remote areas of Australia. With such a strong commitment to providing perfect memories for everyone, it is easy see why Curves and Laces Photography was awarded its recent title in the Global Wedding Awards 2024. If you are interested in browsing through Curves and Laces Photography’s portfolio or want to book their excellent services, visit the company’s website now. Contact: Carol Shearman Company: Curves and Lace Photography Web Address: urves and Lace Photography is a professional photography team that specialises in capturing elopements and intimate wedding events. The company caters to all couples, as Carol tells us, “We love curvy couples, alternative couples, those on a budget and those who want to do their wedding their way and create new traditions.” The company aims to create a safe environment in which its clients feel free and comfortable during their shoots. As well as wedding event photography, Curves and Lace Photography also holds boudoir shoots designed to celebrate the body and empower its clients. Carol has spent years honing both her customer service and photography skills, and studies emerging wedding trends so that the company is always one step ahead of the market. The photography industry has certainly faced adversity in recent years. The rise of affordable digital photography has come with its limitations. The photography industry is no longer regulated and just about anybody can purchase a camera and label themselves a photographer. This means that couples are often not receiving the professional services that they hired, or in some cases, do not receive any at all. Curves and Lace Photography combats this problem through providing professional, exceptional service. “We have always prided ourselves on our service. We now have a team of photographers and video creators, along with celebrants, DJs, MCs, and makeup artists, so that we can provide a reliable and excellent service to our clients and solve many of their problems,” Carol tells us. What’s more, Carol cites the ‘Engagement Gap’ as a prominent issue that many businesses in the wedding industry are facing. Stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, many households are now scaling back on their expenditures and prioritising certain necessities. The ‘EngageC