Global Wedding Awards 2024

46 | LUXlife Magazine Widely recognised and a multi-award-winning wedding planning & management company the latest of which are the Love Travel Awards – Best Destination Wedding Planner in 2023 and 2024 and the EVENTEX Awards 2024-The 50 most Influential Wedding Professionals Globally - Vivaah Weddings is an experienced hand when it comes to the art of fashioning the weddings of its clients’ dreams. Vivaah Weddings offers a unique opportunity to couples – one that can seamlessly pair timeless traditions with a modern twist to create only the most special of occasions. Vivaah Weddings recognises that, though wonderful, the union of two people has a myriad of components. There are a plethora of elements that make up the perfect wedding and as such, it can be all too easy for couples to miss out on some of the smaller details that make a wedding truly special for the couples and their guests. In essence, Vivaah Weddings looks to completely remove the stress of planning a wedding, instead taking the entire process into its own hands to make sure that the journey is just as enjoyable as the wedding itself. Of course, no couple is the same, and each come with their own vision for what their perfect day must look like. In order to cater to their every wish, Vivaah Weddings has made it its priority to get to know its clients on a more fundamental level, and deploys its impeccable listening skills to guarantee that it checks off everything on their wish list. In fact, listening to clients is Vivaah Weddings’ favourite part of the process – by building relationships with its couples, they are able to deliver the wedding they have always dreamed of. By the end of the journey, the Vivaah Weddings’ team becomes an extension of the client’s family, allowing it to celebrate just how much of a wonderful impact its work has had on the lives of the people it’s committed to serving. Boasting over ten years of experience in the wedding planning craft, Vivaah Weddings stands at the pinnacle of organisation and communication skills. Best Destination Wedding Planning & Management Company 2024 - UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a city of super structures risen from the desert, with an enviable coastline of pristine beaches and man-made islands, long renowned for its exceptional hospitality. It is little wonder that it sits atop the wedding destination wish list of many couples. With so many hotel offerings providing stunning vistas be they city skylines, beachfronts, or desert settings it can be an overwhelming task to ensure the right choices are made to ensure a perfect and unforgettable day. Thankfully, Vivaah Weddings is on-hand to help. As a multi-award-winning destination wedding planner, Vivaah Weddings has spent the past decade blending expectations and tradition together to create showstopping single and multi-day celebrations. From the moment a consultation takes place, the team commits itself to planning a wedding that not only aligns with a client’s expectations, but has been specifically designed to exceed them. As a result of constantly delivering on their promises they have accumulated a fantastic reputation, with the ability to significantly reduce the levels of stress associated with planning one of the most important events in a couple life. Regardless of the scale of a wedding, the ideas presented, or the style selected, Vivaah Weddings promises to give couples the big day they deserve. As a multi-award-winning wedding planning company, Vivaah Weddings has championed the industry with its myriad of firsts and accolades. From planning the very first Indian wedding to take place in Disneyland, Paris, which was closed to the public, in 2019, to being responsible for the UAE’s first fully sustainable wedding – held at Caesar’s Palace, Dubai in 2021 - Vivaah Weddings has demonstrated a knack for constantly wowing both couples and the wider trade alike. Their reputation has been further cemented over the years by winning five Gold, three Silver and two Bronze WOW Awards Middle East & Asia since 2020 including the prestigious “Wedding Celebration of the Decade” Truly, no collective can hold a candle to the exceptionality of Vivaah Weddings, and it is for this very reason that LUXlife Magazine has recognised it as the Best Destination Wedding Planning & Management Company 2024 – UAE. With a bright future on the horizon, Vivaah Weddings has truly grasped our attention, and we cannot wait to see how its creativity manifests in the months and years ahead. Contact: Arun Bablani; Owner & Founder TEL: +971 4 514 1200 WhatsApp: + 971 (0) 50 161 0923 Email: [email protected] Web Address: