Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 47 Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Provider 2024 - UK The Dried Petal Company is a provider of wedding confetti operating out of Stockton-on-Tees, England. It offers its exceptional products to couples and wedding planners from across the globe, and has a range of confetti petals available that are all 100% natural, free of perfume and dye. The confetti is completely biodegradable, eco- and budget-friendly, and even starts at less than £10, making it highly accessible. We catch up with Owner Nichola Hemingway for more. With ten years in the wedding industry and having overseen this operation in its entirety right from the very beginning, Nichola fondly refers to this business as her baby. The Dried Petal Company is the result of many late nights and weekends paying off, all for the purposes of forging a brighter future for our planet and providing couples with fantastic confetti that not only looks remarkable but is also kind to the environment, a rarity in this space. In essence, Nichola explains, “we offer a range of petal types so that couples on all budgets can enjoy ecofriendly confetti on their big day.” All of the dried petals that The Dried Petal Company use in its confetti are sustainably sourced from partner farms from around the world, including the likes of its native UK, the US, the Netherlands, and China. From freeze-dried roses through to hydrangeas and larkspurs, each individual flower in this portfolio has been grown for the purpose of being used in the confetti, before it is picked by hand to minimise damage ahead of the drying process. As Nichola describes it, “they really are given the VIP treatment so that our customers receive them in the best possible condition, and they retain their beautiful colours.” With a decade of experience operating in the realm of dried petal wedding confetti, The Dried Petal Company is distinguished in this space through its unrivalled knowledge and expertise, as well as its faultless dedication to serving its customers, something that still stands as its top priority, even after ten years of scaling new heights. This approach is clearly working, as review sites are lined with stellar reviews and overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, not to mention the repeat customers that Nichola often secures. Beyond this, what really underpins The Dried Petal Company is its eco-friendly ethos, something that does not simply start and end with the petals. After all, as Nichola questions, “what would be the point of purchasing ecofriendly confetti if you’re then going to present it in something that’s not eco-friendly?” The Dried Petal Company more than has this covered, with all of its petals sent out in eco-friendly packaging, which can subsequently either be recycled or is 100% biodegradable, much like its confetti cone and sachet products. Over the past number of years, things have not always been easy for Nichola, who operates as a sole trader. This is not to say that she does everything herself however, and with a tech support husband operating the website and doing the photography, and a retired mother who helps weekly in the crafting of the cones or the stuffing of the sachets, Nichola has been able to navigate difficulties brought about by the likes of the pandemic and cost of living crisis that followed, something achieved primarily through the diversifying of her product portfolio. Now boasting more than 40 different petals and mixes in its range, along with additional items such as stickers, greetings cards, and accessories, the work that Nichola and her family have put in to make this business the success that it is today has been remarkable. This is far from the first time that this business has been celebrated for its outstanding nature, with The Dried Petal Company also featuring in Luxlife last year. Nichola described this win as “amazing” and an “added reassurance to our new customers of our credibility and reliability.” For its ongoing efforts and unwavering commitment to continuing to pioneer in this field, it is our privilege to name The Dried Petal Company as the Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Provider 2024 – UK. We invite our readers to keep this business in mind the next time they consider throwing a tissue-based confetti, which is not only bad for the environment, but quite simply does not look anywhere near as good as these premium petals. Contact: Nichola Hemingway Company: The Dried Petal Company Web Address: