Global Wedding Awards 2024

48 | LUXlife Magazine Most Empowering Dating & Relationship Coach 2024: JAMIE DEMARCO LUXlife Client Services Excellence Award Find Your Fairytale Find Your Fairytale is the business and passion project of Founder and Owner Jamie DeMarco, and her mission is right there in the name. It’s tough to claim anyone is more committed to single women than Jamie, who’s made it her life’s work to empower women and guide them to the love life they never thought possible. Client Service is the name of the game at Find Your Fairytale. Who better to understand the plight of unhappy singles than Jamie? She grew her business from the ashes of a life she left behind, quitting her job and ending her relationship to find a new path. Empathising with single women seeking more is what she does, and that empathy shows in all aspects of her company’s award-worthy client care. But how do you find your fairytale? It’s simple! First, you contact Jamie via her website and book a thirty-minute discovery session. You’ll work with Jamie to figure out your struggles, the changes you’d like to make in life, and to find out if her coaching style is the right fit. Once you’ve decided that Jamie’s approach will work for you, you’ll receive a tailor-made contract and a welcome pack, and you’ll really explore what’s making you unhappy and unearth just what’s keeping you from your dream partner. Then, you’ll begin your weekly coaching sessions, during which you’ll break down barriers in your love life, remove your Love Blocks, set your sights on the right goals, and begin your journey to becoming the most empowered you. It’s just like the movie cliché; Jamie wants to see you let your hair down and realise the hidden beauty that was inside you all along. It’s there, waiting to be unlocked, and Jamie commits herself to guiding you to it. Jamie’s Coaching philosophy is what really sets Find Your Fairytale apart. She describes her coach-client relationship as a powerful alliance, and she believes that the search for your dream partner shouldn’t be boiled down to a series of steps and that it’s important to have fun. Her approach of Core Energy Coaching explores your inner purpose, radiance, and passion, which she then aims to align with the external, setting you on the right path to match your life with the things you’re truly passionate about. Helping you manifest your fairytale is what Jamie does, and a track record of satisfied clients proves that she’s effective. She’s found her calling in life, and that’s helping you find yours, excelling your dating life from where it is now to exactly where you want it to be. The benefits of her approach won’t solely come out in your dating life but will bring about sustainable results, instilling you with a confidence in yourself you may never have thought possible. So, why wait? Get in touch with Jamie today and find your roadmap to an irresistible new you. There’s a well of untapped potential within you: an empowered, confident woman ready to take what she wants and live the life she deserves. Sometimes, it just takes the right pair of eyes to see that potential before you can realise it. Contact: Jamie DeMarco Company: Find Your Fairytale Web Address: Instagram: @lovecoachjamie