Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 49 To say that Norway is comprised of some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes Europe has to offer isn’t particularly treading new ground. What is, however, is the concept of transforming the region’s beloved fjord into a wedding venue that creates a distinct union between the beauty of nature and that of humanity. To Fjord Weddings & Elopements, achieving this is its defining specialty – one that has seen it continuously presenting couples with the opportunity to enrich their wedding days with authentic Nordic charm. Join us as we explore how Fjord Weddings & Elopements has played a pivotal part in arranging some of Norway’s most inventive natural wedding ceremonies. Best Elopement Venue 2024 – Norway & LUXlife Wedding Location Excellence Award 2024 Fjord Weddings & Elopements as seamless as possible. As a rule, no couple should be made to feel overwhelmed by what’s undoubtedly going to be the biggest day of their lives, and Fjord Weddings & Elopements is fully dedicated to ensuring that no such thing ever happens to its clients. As such, Fjord Weddings & Elopements tends to become more of an extended member of a couple’s family than simply acting as their wedding planner. It loves to elicit an authenticity from its ceremonies, and is fully committed to understanding the lucky pair inside and out in order to deliver exactly what they’re expecting of their wedding, and then some. Regardless of whether they want to immerse themselves in the natural aspects of the fjord, or have always dreamed of leaning into Norse traditions imbued with Viking iconography, Fjord Weddings & Elopements is ready to do whatever it must in order to concoct the destination wedding experience of a lifetime. LUXlife Magazine’s Global Wedding Awards exists as a means for us to feature those we deem to be masters of their craft, and Fjord Weddings & Elopements demonstrates this very nature exceptionally well. As an entity that genuinely adores becoming a part of a couple’s wedding journey, it has consistently delivered ceremonies that have exceeded the expectations of couples and guests time and time again. For this very reason, we’re so pleased to present it with the title of Best Elopement Venue 2024 – Norway. We simply can’t wait to see what unique ceremony Fjord Weddings & Elopements arranges next. Contact: Paul Edmundson Company: Fjord Weddings & Elopements Web Address: pecialising in performing outdoor wedding ceremonies that distinctly focus on both nature and the charming heritage of Norway’s worldfamous fjords, Fjord Weddings & Elopements is an unapologetically traditional collective that prides itself on unifying couples against the backdrop of unbeatable scenery. Primarily approached by people who have a genuine fascination for nature and the splendour of Norway’s sights, Fjord Weddings & Elopements has spent its years accumulating a vast catalogue of private fjord venues and mountaintop locations. As such, it presents couples with a myriad of exciting options for their big day – ones that honour their desires, no matter how outlandish they may seem. Whether you’ve got your sights set on a scenic, yet simple, wedding, or are hoping to honour your Nordic roots through a Viking-esque ceremony, Fjord Weddings & Elopements is eager to become a part of your journey. In essence, Fjord Weddings & Elopements makes it easy to get married in the fjords, and has even developed an all-inclusive wedding and elopement package that’s guaranteed to provide everything any couple may need to realise their vision for the perfect day. Fjord Weddings & Elopements has championed the art of combining simplicity and elegance through its distinguished boho styling, enhanced further by the rustic, natural charm of the surrounding area. In addition to providing couples with the opportunity to choose from multiple private fjord venues, Fjord Weddings & Elopements also acts as a professional wedding planner – one that enlists the assistance of selfemployed individuals to further empower every ceremony. Whether it’s booking and managing all of the guest accommodation, or onboarding elements such as wedding day transport, airport transfers, and even seeking out the perfect fjord activities for the wedding party to enjoy in the following days, the collective goes the extra mile to make any ceremony S