Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 5 Since it onboarded its very first wedding planning process, Red Velvet Weddings has been dedicated to realising the unique nature of each couple through creative event planning and unapologetically professional wedding coordination. Now, it has proudly represented an abundance of happy couples, each granted access to everything they could have ever wanted from the most important day of their lives. In fact, Red Velvet Weddings grants a glimpse into its previous brilliance through an array of wedding stories, each depicting the immense lengths this small Costa Rican collective has gone to in order to capture the very essence of the couples themselves. Due to Ise’s work, Red Velvet Weddings has awed attendees and couples alike, resulting in a fantastic reputation that’s beyond earned. As previously touched upon, Red Velvet Weddings excels in showcasing the individuality of the couples that rely on it for the planning of their big days. However, Ise takes this notion one step further. In her own words – “We believe that love knows no bounds, and we are honoured to work with couples from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. We celebrate love in all its forms, and are dedicated to creating inclusive spaces where every couple feels welcomed, respected, and valued.” After all, a wedding is supposed to stand as an expression of harmony – harmony filled with indiscriminate love that transcends all bounds. Ise understands this, and has developed Red Velvet Weddings around ensuring that every detail of a couple’s big day honours the parts of their lives that they cherish the most. In today’s age, wedding planners have become an invaluable part of any couple’s journey toward creating their dream ceremony. With costs rising, and lingering COVID-19 restrictions making things just that little bit trickier, there’s an increased demand for those who specialise in weaving around these roadblocks to ensure their wedding is as seamless as possible. Without a doubt, Ise Chaves is the best choice for professional wedding coordination in Costa Rica. Her expertise knows no equal – be it in how to aesthetically enhance any wedding, to navigating the wedding industry’s complex landscape in tandem with a client’s budget. Regardless of what is expected of her, Ise promises to deliver a result that’s bound to transcend what a couple may have initially visualised when dreaming of their wedding. To Ise, extracting the unique vision of each couple is second nature, and she effortlessly plans how to lift the thoughts and ideas from her clients’ heads and place them in reality. In doing so, Red Velvet Weddings has successfully planned a myriad of customised weddings, each honouring a couple’s individuality throughout every aspect of the process. As a result, this small collection of exceptional experts has earned its place among the very best of Costa Rica’s wedding planners, and we’re certain that it will only continue on its upward trajectory as we progress into the later months of 2024. Here at LUXlife Magazine, we founded the Global Wedding Awards to shine some light on the selfless individuals whose primary concern is ensuring that others get to have the wedding they always dreamed of. Whether they’ve had an idea in mind since childhood, or are seeking a little extra support in making their hopes a reality, Red Velvet Weddings stands as a glowing testament to Ise Chaves’ unwavering dedication to her craft. Combined with the prowess of her assistants, she has become a pivotal part of her clients’ wedding planning journeys, and it’s for this very reason that we have awarded her a place in this years Global Wedding Awards. We can’t wait to see what beautiful weddings she plans next. Contact: Ise Chaves Company: Red Velvet Weddings Web Address: