Global Wedding Awards 2024

52 | LUXlife Magazine Best Bespoke Bridal Groom Fashion Store 2024 – Germany & LUXlife Excellence Award for Alteration Services 2024 - Germany Haus der Braut & Gentleman by Sabine Kuch When it was founded in 1968 in Mönchengladbach, Germany, Haus der Braut & Gentleman was one of the country’s first bridal fashion stores. Now, more than 55 years later, this family-owned store stands proudly as a beacon of elegance and distinction in this sphere, playing its part in bringing dream weddings to life. Having recently been rebuilt and renovated, the tasteful and contemporary ambience on display here combines with the expertise of an institution now in its seventh decade to host couples embarking on this journey of matrimony, catering to their every need in the process. Housing the collections of numerous international designers and pieces that have been personally selected by Owner Sabine Kuch, the perfect wedding dress or men’s wedding suit can be found right here in the heart of this city near Germany’s western border. Sabine and Haus der Braut & Gentleman know that it takes time for someone to find the perfect outfit for their big day, and so they make sure that their clients have all of the time in the world to get it right. From personalised tips through to excellent service, the comprehensive approach taken to giving advice means couples are afforded attire that is as unique as they are. On one’s wedding day, not only is it important to look beautiful and united as a couple, but it is also equally as essential to feel comfortable, something achieved through the remarkable alteration services on offer here, solidified by the store’s recognition in this area with one of our prestigious Luxlife Excellence Awards. The impressive commitment to going above and beyond in the realm of client service embodied by Haus der Braut & Gentleman can be traced back to the very beginning, as the store was established for the sole purpose of offering an unparalleled selection of quality bridal wear. As the second-generation steward of this ongoing mission, the responsibility today rests squarely on Sabine’s shoulders. She has more than risen to the occasion however, as seen in her stocking of an array of styles, from the traditional right through to the intimate and modest. Another defining element that further separates this business from its competitors is the emphasis that it places on the groom as well as the bride. It is frequent in this industry for the former to be brushed aside in favour of the latter, with a great deal of time and care afforded to the wedding dress, whilst the suit merely becomes an afterthought. Thankfully, this is not the case with Haus der Braut & Gentleman, which proudly boasts sophisticated men’s fashion items, including its renowned custom silk vests and range of matching accessories. By leveraging its unique sense of personalised service and a vast portfolio of quality items, Haus der Braut & Gentleman continues to radiate brilliance in this space. After all, it is the small things that combine to make a big difference when it comes to ensuring the perfect wedding, and with little touches such as storing the bride’s dress until the day itself, Sabine, with a little help from her holistic approach to customer service, can guarantee just that. On the back of this, the future for this multiaward-winning bridal store is incredibly bright, and as it looks to what will come next, it does so with a keen eye on its storied past. Any business being able to operate for the better part of 60 years is an incredible feat, and in an industry that is as malleable as this one, it rings even truer. Such longevity can be attributed to not only the skill of Sabine and the generation that preceded her, but also the timeless beauty of love, of which the art of bridal fashion is a fitting, elegant reflection. As we celebrate this speciality store, we also share the news that Sabine is looking to step away from the business for personal reasons and is seeking a like-minded successor who will carry on the legacy of this tremendous brand. Sabine invites anybody who feels they may be suitable for this position to enquire at: info@, and set about keeping the spirit of the exemplary Haus der Braut & Gentleman bridal groom fashion store alive for many years to come. Contact: Sabine Kuch Company: Haus der Braut & Gentleman by Sabine Kuch Web Address: