Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 53 The idyllic town of Bellagio lines the coast of Lake Como, in the Lombardy region of Italy. Surrounded by the tranquil blue water, the romantic architecture, and the picturesque countryside, it is no wonder that many couple opt to wed in Bellagio. Jay Damario & Franco Cosola Founder of The Bellagio Wedding Co, is an expert wedding planner dedicated to providing couples with the Lake Como Wedding of their dreams. We speak with Jay to learn more about her company as it receives its title in the Global Wedding Awards 2024. Best Lake Como Destination Wedding Planner 2024 - Italy personal experience. “We believe that we have a really great network on the lake for various services, many of which are friends, so we know who to call on. We are, however, always looking into new locations and experiences to offer our clients,” Jay says. Despite its attentive services, the company experienced challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. With restrictions on travel and social distancing, the wedding industry felt a period of radio silence. To combat this silence, Jay tells us, “I chose to concentrate on marketing and always being present on Instagram. I think this definitely helped my ongoing business after.” Currently, Jay notes that both the wedding and travel industries are experiencing a distinctive boom, especially in the area of Lake Como. While this is great for business, it also means that The Bellagio Wedding Co must stay ahead of its competitors when securing venues and vendors. 2024 looks to be busy for The Bellagio Wedding Co, as the company has taken on more weddings than ever before. Jay and her husband are concentrating on providing each couple with a beautiful destination wedding, complete with personalised touches. The company is thrilled to announce a number of new collaborations launching this year, including new experiences and more high-end proposals. The Bellagio Wedding Co are looking at an exciting year of development and we highly recommend keeping an eye on the company’s website to stay up to date. Contact: Jay Damario & Franco Cosola Company: The Bellagio Wedding Co Web Address: n 2007, Jay Damario moved to Torino, Italy from her UK home in Bristol to teach English. It was there she met her now husband and moved to Bellagio after falling in love with the community whilst on holiday. Jay planned her own wedding, and quickly realised that she was destined to be a wedding planner. After years of working for a big wedding planning company on Lake Como, Jay decided that she would be happier running her own company her way. And so, The Bellagio Wedding Co was born. The Bellagio Wedding Co sees clients from all over the world and provides them with a full proposal and wedding planning service. From finding the right venue, to coordinating suppliers and vendors, Jay promises to be at her client’s side at all times. Her advice is always in the best interest of the client, regardless of the potential profit. The Bellagio Wedding Co often work alongside smaller, local vendors that suit the clients’ needs. “My aim is to ensure a stress free and fun process and it is highly important that they feel at ease with me. I aim to give very genuine advice to ensure they get the best out of their experience and their budget,” Jay tells us. The Bellagio Wedding Co is run solely by Jay and her husband, choosing to manage everything themselves to ensure that the quality of service is always to standard. Explaining the reasoning behind this decision, Jay says, “My husband and I are very like minded and love to ensure our couples are having the most personable experience with us. It is a good balance as I am English, and he is Italian. We also got married on the lake, so can understand and recommend from personal experience.” Due to the nature of The Bellagio Wedding Co, the internal company culture is closeknit and this translates directly into its services. The couple take the time to get to know their clients, and in turn develop a trusting relationship with them. Jay and her husband have built a solid foundation of knowledge into the Italian wedding industry, from professional and I