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Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine Head Case Hair Studio was founded in 2016 by Kelley Swing after several years of working corporate jobs. Based in Keller, the company runs with a sustainable approach to product sourcing and wastage, a cause that Kelley is incredibly dedicated to personally. After experiencing chronic health issues, including sinusitis, autoimmune disease, and hair loss, Kelley realised that the beauty industry needed a sustainable shakeup. Members of her local community were echoing similar ailments after spending extensive time in the beauty industry. With over 20 years of experience in Management and District Management within the sector, Kelley possessed the knowledge and skillset to begin her journey of founding Head Case Hair Studio. The company offers many haircare services and operates with sustainability at its forefront. Kelley says, “Each product we endorse and every service we provide is a testament to our resolve in safeguarding our planet through eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact.” Head Case Hair Studio can guarantee that its products are organic and natural, ammonia-free, and vegan. Not only is this amazing for the environment, but these products are also very beneficial to the customer. Products used at the studio are easier on your hair and don’t put it through any chemical-filled process that damages hair in the long run. Being in constant exposure to such chemicals can be detrimental to the health of both the client and the hairdresser, but the products used at Head Case Hair Studio promises excellent results at no cost to health. In order to maintain this strong ethos, Kelley is sure to only partner with companies that mirror her beliefs. Natulique and Lykkegaard are brands that share a similar commitment to creating an organic and sustainable future, which means that clients at the studio are receiving consistent treatments across the board. At Head Case Hair Studio, clients can book in to receive colours, cuts, blowouts, facials, full body waxing, and special occasion hair and makeup services. Through the website, clients are able to take a short test that assigns the most suitable stylists for what they require. With Jun2 Mar24498 2596 Best Vegan Hair & Beauty Salon 2024 - Texas Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves. With many forms of beauty treatments on the market, hairdressing is a surefire way to freshen your look up and boost your confidence. But many of us do not consider the sustainability of our favourite treatments and just how much wastage they produce. Here, we speak to Head Case Hair Studio founder Kelley Swing about her business’ commitment to sustainability and what the future of hairdressing looks like to her. questions about the clients’ style and personality, the test ensures that each client has an excellent experience with treatment that suits them. As well as in-house services, the studio also offers both onsite and offsite wedding hair and makeup services. Kelley tells us, “Our team of specialised wedding stylists takes pride in being the highlight of our clients’ special day.” Providing hair and makeup for a wedding is a job that can’t be taken lightly, as the end result can often set the tone for their clients’ big day. Getting it exactly right is key to ensuring successful service. Running these types of services does not come without its challenges, however. Due to the nature of the industry, the studio occasionally receives calls from bridal parties that have had a cancellation and are desperate to book in. Head Case Hair Studio works extremely hard to accommodate in these circumstances, but Kelley says that unfortunately there are instances in which the salon is fully booked. Attempting to organise last minute appointments for an important occasion can be an incredibly stressful experience, but clients can be assured that the team at Head Case Hair Studio will always try their hardest to save the day. The studio is renowned for its excellent work and has been featured in multiple publications over the years, including Living Magazine, Society Life, and Rolling Stone. Kelley is a recognised thought leader for the Rolling Stone Culture Council and has contributed multiple articles on sustainable practices in hair salons. Her expertise on the subject is well recognised and in May of 2023, Kelley published her book ‘$ustainable Salons Make Millions: The Right Way to Build Your Profitable, Organic Beauty Business’. This book gives readers an insight into proven strategies to making their salon sustainable and profitable. Kelley has a true passion for sustainability, and this is clear throughout the book as she convinces readers to make the switch to sustainability. Kelley’s strong values have been at the heart of the studio and shines through in each business decision she makes. She describes the salon as “an oasis born from the desire to meld my deep-seated passion for beauty with an unwavering commitment