Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 11 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 When combined with the reviews visible through both its own website and other thirdparty review sites, the trust given to it by its clients becomes plain. Critically, a big part of the excellence it has accrued comes directly from its founder. The exemplary leader, innovative mind, and changemaker behind Deli Aroma is Austin-based Fai Chan, who herself suffered from debilitating acne scars and skin problems throughout her childhood and early years, until she found aromatherapy. She found that such treatments really helped her to recover and to begin to heal the longterms scarification that certain breakouts had left on her skin, and was inspired to start her own company that would bring the wonders of aromatherapy as an emotional and physical healer to many more people. After this realisation about where her goals lay, she began to work hard to learn more, and created a future for herself in following this passion; nowadays, she hopes to take many more people with her into the future of holistic personal care treatments. Using the right formula of essential oils, she found that she could bring a sense of calm and rejuvenation to her customers, and became a clinical member of the Aromatherapy Association Alliance of International Aromatherapists, beginning to make waves in the industry with her new ideas. This, in essence, gave her a new community to serve and to throw herself bodily into helping, and it is her dedication to her market segment, peers, and partners that allowed her to become a board member of the Alliance only a few years down the line. Furthermore, with the mentorship of experts such as Andre Butje and Gabriel Mojay, she was able to further develop her passion for using aromatherapy in emotional stimulation. The classes that these mentorship figures led in emotional issues and how aromatherapy can help such things allowed her to find a workable direction for her talents, one that made use of the theory of ‘acupoints’ as a method of alternative self-care and bodily replenishment. Critically, this knowledge formed a turning point for Fai. ‘I learned aromatherapy because I wanted to create a future for myself’, she tells us, and this is what allowed her to channel this into helping to create a future for her clients in the macro scale, opening up her own e-commerce method of getting her products to a wider market and continuing to grow and learn as a practitioner. Having taken courses, invested in education solutions, and done all the research she could possibly get her hands on over the course of her years in training, by the time she finally felt confident enough to open her own store, she was able to handle cases with complicated emotional issues. She works with each client on a personal level when it comes to her personal aromatherapy offerings and services, and the products she offers through her store reflect this, as she only sells the products that she herself believes in. Therefore, she has built her own reputation for trust and respect in her market segment and peer group. Moreover – based on a traditional Chinese medicine framework – her efforts focus on the synergy between therapy and chemistry, two elements that when combined create a new way to understand bodily and mental health. Consequentially, she finds her joy in helping her clients with advice, treatment, and guidance on what oils they should be trying, getting to know each of her therapeutic clients on a close and personal level so that she can guide them in a way that allows them to feel heard, seen, and respected. Company: Deli Aroma Contact: Fai Chan Website: