Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 16 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Mar22187 Founded by Katherine Clancy, a PHD recipient with over thousands of hours teaching environmental science, she began Meet the Herb Halfway when chronic health problems became an evident issue in her life – affecting everything from life choices to career. For Katherine, having a family was one of her biggest dreams, and at the age of 43, that dream became a reality when she gave birth to a daughter. However, while her child was perfect in every way, loved and very much yearned for, it came at a significant cost to Katherine’s health, and thus, she began her journey into bringing vitality into her life – for her sake and her daughters. As Katherine is naturally inquisitive, she investigated alternative and creative solutions that could potentially aid and support solutions to her problems. While she has vast experience and a detailed background in research and science, Katherine also had a strong spiritual practice centred around yoga with over 800 hours of yoga training that guided her lifestyle. However, this simply Meet the Herb Halfway Best Botanical Perfurmer 2022 - USA Established with the founding principles to support people in the act of combining botanicals with lifestyle changes for the use of increasing happiness, wellness, and mindfulness, Meet the Herb Halfway has developed a vast client base ranging from all genders and fluidities – beloved by all as a natural and clean product that permeates the complexities and beauty of perfumes and aromas. Recognized as the Best Botanical Perfumer of 2022, Meet the Herb Halfway is made from local ingredients and respected botanicals- ensuring quality throughout each batch. wasn’t enough to bring up the lack of energy she needed as an individual with professional and personal responsibilities As time went on, Katherine had visited several healing modalities. Still, she faltered with its complexity, expense and the consumption of time needed for it to be effective, and that’s when she finally found essential oils, and the rest was history. Katherine obtained a certification in the subject, and within a year, she lost 40 pounds and regained a sense of vitality and was living up to her best self. Katherine, in essence, is the founder and first customer of her services – proving its effectiveness while conjuring mutual success. Now, Katherine has a record of published peer-review research that can easily evaluate the science behind botanicals and the certifications of its purity, along with several certifications and membership in several professional organizations such as NAHA and Yoga Alliance. Added to this, and most notable, her clients recognize Katherine as a certified professional aromatherapist and a natural perfumer – a career embodiment of the solutions she sought out and developed for other like-minded individuals.