Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 22 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Mar22569 Subverting the idea that natural skincare products are ineffective, The Skin Herbalists consistently produces results that compete with invasive treatments, all whilst only using wholly natural products. From reversing signs of aging without Botox to improving severe skin issues, the company boasts a plethora of treatments that are both safe for sensitive skin and fast acting. Indeed, The Skin Herbalists is devoted to targeting the root cause of a skin condition in order to develop a unique and personalised skin treatment plan for its clients, this includes providing lifestyle and dietary advice. Featuring a bespoke blend of herbs, clays, and natural ingredients, The Skin Herbalists’ treatments boast a range of therapeutic properties. Its methods of treatment enable the company to treat multiple ailments at once. Moreover, its process of treatment rebuilds the protective functions of the skin, making skin more resilient and stronger. Using a combination of Roccoco Botanicals and its own exclusive line, the company takes pride in its utilisation of products with anti-inflammatory properties and specific formulations that bolster the treatment of unique skin issues. As the company only offers facials, it is incredibly unique. Most companies provide fullbody treatments; however, The Skin Herbalists’ approach allows it to create high-quality, focused services. Consequently, its facials involve crystal massages and aromatherapy, which have multiple benefits not only for the skin but also the mind. The company’s flagship treatment, the Zymatic Lift, is claimed to wipe The Skin Herbalists Best Natural Skincare Clinic 2022 - Greater Brisbane Natural skincare is constantly increasing in popularity. At the forefront of this wave stands The Skin Herbalists, a natural skincare clinic based out of Loganholme, Queensland. From facials that aid rosacea to anti-aging miracles, the company provides a diverse range of effective facial treatments, each with a natural and cruelty-free promise.