Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 24 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Mar22241 A front-runner in the latest and greatest techniques of its industry, SpaClinique offers all manner of body shaping, skincare, and aesthetic treatments out of its clinic in London. From treatments such as non-invasive laser treatment to Fotana 4D and TwinLight facial rejuvenation, it offers the latest in BTL technologies, and has earned itself a variety of different awards as a result of its excellence. Over time, its veins and vascular treatments, as well as its FRAC3 hair removal, have become lauded as utterly industry leading, with its expert staff able to serve clients with the singular diligence and commitment that forms the core of this business. From the ground up, it has developed itself to be a forward-thinking establishment that carefully selects the treatments it chooses to offer. Foundationally, its aesthetic beauty and laser treatments have each been chosen with this in mind, as it hopes to bring nothing but the best in skincare solutions to its clients by way of its outstanding skincare experts and the technologies at their fingertips. Thus, its best-in-the-business body and face services have been developed to make this a reality. Breathing a new lease of life into skin that needs some tender loving care, SpaClinique ensures its clients that its solutions will mean they won’t need to resort to surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals. SpaClinique Most Innovative Body Shaping Beauty Clinic - Greater London SpaClinique, a company that has been working hard to make itself a market leader in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, has succeeded in leading the charge by bringing on board all-new treatments that its clients benefit from. Forever incorporating new and impressive techniques, technologies, and treatments that allow its patients access to the best of the best, this Fulham clinic has developed processes that make it a welcoming, non-intimidating, and trusted aesthetic treatments service provider.