Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 26 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Mar22195 While Dermal Distinction Training Academy is renowned for providing exceptional results, training and skills to a plethora of registered practitioners, it should also be mentioned that in addition to these services, Dermal Distinction Training Academy also provides support and mentoring throughout its coaching support for its clients to work with the company to improve confidence, competence and its skillset. Director and Trainer Dr Giulia D’Anna expands on the clinic’s offerings, stating, “Our courses are based on self-paced high quality and exquisitely detailed e-learning to gain theoretical knowledge. The e-learning is tested to ensure deep understanding. Once the e-learning is completed, the practitioner will attend face-to-face training in our accredited facility, unlike any other training provider. The clinical setting means that safety, a high infection control standard, and patient care are maintained throughout. Not only that, but each practitioner gains insight into seeing a working business in action, where they can further learn about what it takes to be successful.” Dermal Distinction Training Academy Best Cosmetic Injectables Training Provider - VIC Recognised within the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022 by LUXLife, Dermal Distinction Training Academy has been accredited as the Best Cosmetic Injectables Training Provider. Renowned for providing injectable cosmetic training for registered health practitioners, dentists, medical doctors, and registered nurses, Dermal Distinction Training Academy also offers foundation skills and advanced training in all treatment areas for the face and neck Founder and Lead Trainer Dr Guilia D’Anna is recognised within the industry and known for being both a registered dentist, dermal therapist and injectable cosmetic educator and has been for over seven years. Because of this, Dermal Distinction Training Academy is highly regarded in its field for having educators and training who have significant experience and expertise in a real-life clinical environment. In addition, Dr Giulia D’Anna knows what it takes to be successful as both a practitioner and a business owner, providing her training delegates with a real insight into their own upcoming journey. “All our staff have training and work in a clinical business environment. They all understand the communication skills, business skills and clinical skills required to treat patients. It is one thing to teach practical skills. However, it is the complete package for our delegate practitioners to see it all in action and hear from industry experts. Our team are highly skilled communicators, and we require them to be patient and understanding. We know that it can be nerve-wracking when a practitioner learns new skills. Our team help ease the journey and support each delegate as though they are part of our company too,” boats Dr Guilia D’Anna. Moreover, a reputable service that is noted at Dermal Distinction Training Academy is that its cosmetic trainers work within the industry, not just in education and because of this, they can back up their training with more than just studies, but personal experiences – tips and tricks gained from one-to-one interactions. “Our cosmetic trainer has been recognised as an expert in the field of Cosmetic injectables, being a Key Opinion Leader for the brand Teoxane, a global leader in aesthetics renowned for their dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals,” explains Dr Giulia D’Anna. Dermal Distinction Training Academy is recognised amongst its clients for providing exceptional skillsets, training, and advice regarding face and neck injectable treatments and often services clients amongst dental and medical practitioners, along with registered nurses – providing the best possible service throughout a plethora of professional features. For instance, Dermal Distinction Training Academy’s e-learning platform is considered second to none. The content is exquisitely detailed, with downloadable material, highdefinition videos, and treatment protocols. Because of this platform, training practitioners can gain theoretical knowledge at their own pace, allowing clients to learn stress-free and within their own time. However, not only are its cadaver videos superb but they are filled with high-level content that comes directly from plastic surgeons and anatomists in the field, ensuring that practitioners are getting