Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 27 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 relevant, up to date and industry professional standards are information. Dr Giulia D’Anna expands on the clinic’s additional offerings, stating, “Our clinical one-on-one practical sessions are small. We want quality time with each practitioner to gain confidence and competence to perform. Then, at the end of the practical clinical session, our delegates become members. Membership offers each practitioner extended mentorship. We have a community hub where practitioners can post cases, ask questions and gain further education. We also have an immensely rich resource vault, which contains patient forms, consent forms, photography guides, on-demand webinars, downloadable e-books, and so much more.” Additionally offered at Dermal Distinction Training Academy is the range of injectable cosmetic training that can be obtained in both dermal filler and botulinum toxin – targeting the head and neck of patients. However, the most significant differentiating factor that allows the company to stand out amongst its competitors within the industry is its highquality one-on-one time with professionally accredited training within the practice. “No other training provider undertakes training in a clinical environment, such that safety equipment and infection control is paramount. This keeps our patients and practitioners in safe and controlled. Furthermore, we know that reducing risk for the patient and practitioner whilst also focusing on clinical outcomes is important. So unlike any other educator, we heavily focus on the use and techniques for dermal filler delivery by cannula. It is universally known that cannula delivery provides safer results. Still, other training providers do not educate practitioners in using a cannula until they are at the advanced stage of training. This philosophy is not right, so Dermal Distinction training academy teaches the use of cannula delivery at the foundation level,” explains Dr Giulia D’Anna. However, in dealing with Covid-19, many businesses within a similar sector have combated the challenges, and for Dermal Distinction Training Academy, the results were slightly less severe than others. For the clinic, Dermal Distinction Training Academy was able to use these difficult times as an opportunity to set up its e-learning platform and turn it into the best one within the Australian market. “We know that the e-learning tend will not go anywhere, now that we have all seen the benefits of working and learning from home. So whilst the e-learning platform was being developed, we also took this opportunity to develop injecting videos and materials not available anywhere else,” states Dr Giulia D’Anna. For the future, Dermal Distinction Training Academy is looking forward to contributing and developing further support with past and future delegate practitioners. However, with this still in the works, the innate overall aim for the clinic is to continue to grow its mentorship and coaching capacity. Company Name: Dermal Distinction Training Academy Contact Name: Dr Giulia D’Anna Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]