Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 29 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards inspira: cosmetics GmbH sees itself as an efficient partner of the beauty professional and has been developing and producing outstanding and highly effective skincare products for more than 22 years at its location in Aachen, Germany. These formulations are developed and tested according to strict scientific criteria. This is German beauty engineering at its best. inspira: cosmetics GmbH Best Contemporary Cosmetic Products Manufacturer - Western Europe Dec21693 inspira: cosmetics has been crafting solutions for the beauty problems of its customers around the world since 2000, with a large range of specialties including ampoules, serums, peel-off masks, and special products for professional pre- and post- treatment for medical procedures such as dermabrasion, laser therapy, IPL treatments, cosmetic plastic surgery, and much more. It is very important to inspira: cosmetics that treatments provided by professionals are perfectly coordinated with care at home. This is the only way to achieve excellent results. All of the company’s products are developed according to inspira: cosmetics Clean Beauty Agenda, and even in the development of packaging materials, attention is paid to sustainability and good recyclability. Testing has always been carried out on volunteers and not on animals, and production is strictly in accordance with current cosmetics GMP. When selecting raw materials, preference is given to natural and biotechnologically produced ingredients and active substances. The motto is: maximum effect, but as natural as possible. Notably, inspira: cosmetics invented a unique three-step Cosmeto Therapy, an intensive rejuvenation solution. Step one sees the dull dead skin removed by effective chemical peels. Step two uses highly effective products on a cellular level to firm the skin, lift it and improve the complexion. Step three maintains the results and keeps the skin in the rejuvenated state for longer. Its unique, non-invasive needling and dermabrasion device, Skin Wizard helps to achieve remarkable results. To its customers, inspira: cosmetics offers intensive training to teach its Cosmeto Therapy method. This is in addition to offering home-use products with high efficacy, as only the combination of the treatment by appointment and at home with highclass products can guarantee results. inspira: cosmetics Managing Partner, Volker Kloubert commented, “We are constantly questioning ourselves, improving products and services, launching new state-of-the-art innovations. We practice what the Japanese call ‘kaizen’ – permanently improving, never stopping.” With regards to the team that make it all happen, Volker describes it as trying to find the “uncut diamonds” at a very young age. The company is always seeking to recruit young people at the beginning of their professional careers by taking them on to complete an apprenticeship with the company and promising them a job opportunity where they can hone their talents. Alongside this, it has a very flat hierarchy with an open and communicative internal culture. Being a nimble team, it has been able to adapt to several global trends within the health, beauty and wellness market, including demographic change, where the company has observed that much of its audience are ageing clients in the Western hemisphere, for which the team has adapted products to meet their specific needs and demand. Alongside this, the company has considered changing values where it makes respectful use of resources, produces eco-friendly products, meets the needs of vegans and those who seek a healthy lifestyle, and respects social standards for people producing products in developing countries. Then there are technological developments where turnover has shifted from the high street to ecommerce, with increased focus on the Asian/Pacific region. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only bolstered some of these trends, especially with online business booming since shops closed for several months. Now focused on the future, inspira: cosmetics is about to launch its new vegan CBD line with 24-hour cream, eye cream, serum, and a mask for the beauty professional. The line has lifting and calming properties and has been developed with eco-friendly packaging such as boxes containing hemp fibres, making them more sustainable and easy to recycle, as well as glass jars and bottles that can be fully recycled. Like all inspira: cosmetic’s products, they have not been tested on animals, but on volunteers. In addition to releasing this new line, inspira: cosmetics is seeking business growth. Already supplying to more than 50 countries, it is always looking for new partners to cooperate with. If interested, please get in touch with Volker Kloubert. Company: inspira: cosmetics GmbH Contact: Volker Kloubert Email: [email protected] Website: All images are copyright protected by inspira: cosmetics GmbH