Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 30 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on eco-friendly products and sustainability, particularly in the health, beauty and wellness market. Alongside this, the COVID-19 pandemic and global retail demand was the catalyst for the creation of Veggie Saver. Due to international lockdowns and increasing operation and supply chain costs, it was crucial for the business to create a standardised product made specifically for retail distribution so that it can be manufactured faster, have shorter lead times, and cheaper manufacturing costs due to less manufacturing “down time”. Veggie Saver is the intelligent, awardwinning, patented food storage and produce bag that is reusable, machinewashable, compostable, non-toxic, and scientifically-proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for two weeks or more in the crisper of the fridge. Peita said, “We believe Veggie Saver is the perfect gateway for those who are new to sustainable and natural products. It’s a product backed by science, so you can trust that it works, and it’s incredibly simple to use, paying for itself withing the first month!” Veggie Saver’s intelligent multi-layer fabric combination, uses non-toxic, unbleached and unseeded cotton. The unique design Food waste is a global problem. One third of all food produced is lost or wasted, and this equates to around 1.3 billion tonnes of food. On top of that, the world recycles less than 9% of plastic created. With big numbers such as these and the ongoing concerns for the welfare of the environment, it was important for Veggie Saver founder, Peita Pini to create a product that everyone could access, to deliver meaningful and positive change, globally. Mar22268 Veggie Saver Zero Waste Innovation of the Year 2022: Veggie Saver allows for moisture to be pulled through the outer layers to enhance hydration, while the inner layers promote breathing and reduce ethylene build-up, so fruit and veggies keep fresh, crisp, and nutrient-dense - for longer. An ideal product to be sold alongside fresh produce and at eco stores, Veggie Saver has already partnered with over 200 stockists in Australia and North America, ranging from grocery stores, eco businesses and supermarkets. Some notable retailers include IGA, Go Vita, Harris Farm Market, Biome, Brightly, and Thrive Market. Veggie Saver’s business model is purpose-driven on multiple levels. Not only does it reduce the cost of fresh produce to the household budget (by extending the life of produce), save time (longer shelf life means fewer trips to the shop!), and combat both food waste and plastic pollution, but the business donates 5% of all net profits to Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children from human trafficking. In addition, Veggie Saver’s female-led manufacturer is certified by SEDEX for ethical trading practices. Peita Pini’s mission is to empower over one billion people around the world to live waste- and plastic-free, with a net profit that contributes to over 10,000 children being freed from slavery and provided long-term rehabilitation by 2030. Peita and her team believe that Veggie Saver will achieve this goal. Peita stated, “It’s no use talking about changing the world – what the world needs right now is radical change driven by firm actions. The Veggie Saver movement is a small, simple, yet powerful step toward positive change, and as a team, we take responsibility and are excited about guiding our community on this waste and plasticfree adventure.” The Veggie Saver team is a family of people brought together with a common purpose – to change the world. They work openly with great communication, the utmost integrity, vulnerability and pure compassion. They inspire people around the world to live waste- and plastic- free, truly caring about the legacy left behind and believing in a world where human trafficking no longer exists. Peita said, “We never give up; we go above and beyond and have lots of fun along the way!” Recently, Veggie Saver was one of 38 recipients awarded the Boosting Female Founders Initiative, a programme designed by the Australian Federal Government to support female-founded start-ups to scale into domestic and international markets by providing recipients with expert mentoring, advice, and financial support. The funding received will support the launch and expansion of Veggie Saver into new-world markets, and will be used to scale manufacturing capabilities, spreading the manufacturing risk; establishing supply chain logistics and IT systems; developing direct retail channels; executing marketing initiatives; and expanding the customer service and sales team. This project will see Veggie Saver access new customers, scale as a business, and ultimately, significantly reduce food waste and plastic pollution, globally. Company: Veggie Saver Contact: Peita Pini Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook & Instagram: