Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 31 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Pierce Me London, operating out of the 7 Dials Tattoo Studio, allows customers to peruse a variety of new methods of self-expression and selftransformation both in-person and through its e-commerce store. Having made itself a chosen body modifications specialist for the people of London and further afield, its exemplary staff are always onhand to assist a customer and help them find their next step towards self-love. Pierce Me London Best Online Body Jewellery Retailer - London Mar22254 A tattoo and piercings parlour located in the very heart of Convent Garden, Pierce Me London operates with diligence, excellence, and sophistication. Nominally, it serves its customers with the most beautiful piercings, tattoos, and body jewellery services, working both in person and through its e-commerce solution to deliver the best in the business at every opportunity. Operating with the 7 Dials Tattoo Studio, its nearest tube stations – Leicester Square and Covent Garden – make it extremely accessible for those looking to come in to chat about how it can help them express themselves through wearable art, boosting their confidence and allowing them to treat themselves. Additionally, it is open seven days a week for piercings, and it always on hand to assist a client to pick through its myriad of online jewellery offerings. Each of its team members know its stock like the back of their hand, able to talk a client through any allergy or health advice regarding the aftercare of their piercing, tattoo, or body jewellery piece so that the client can sport each of these with confidence and pride. Bookings, now necessary for both tattoos and piercings, can be made by visiting its site, where a customer will be directed to contact the team directly. After this, the team will get in contact forthwith, with charismatic and friendly people able to establish what a client wants from the studio through fun, informal, and informative chats that ensures both parties are happy. Thus, it has been able to develop a reputation for exemplary levels of client satisfaction, with each of its expert tattoo artists, piercing specialists, and wider team taking on the incredibly important role of working both with – as well as for – a client, right from their first day on the job. Excited, enthused, and appreciative of a challenge, it has earned the good reputation it currently enjoys through hard work and glowing client feedback, both things that it looks forward to continue offering and receiving long into the future. Company: Pierce Me London Contact: Raph Duplay Website: