Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 33 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Established with the aim to provide holistic, complementary, alternative, noninvasive, non-clinical, non-medical, and remote bioresonance therapy services, WAVES2CURE was launched with the primary goal to offer a complete range of mind, body, and soul services that positively impact health, beauty, and wellness. What makes WAVES2CURE stand out is the values it instils within the company to promote success and stability in its service and reputation – such as communicating the status of healing sessions promptly so customers can be more vigilant in observing the effects. Overall, this gives clients satisfaction and showcases its methodical procedure in securing its innovative brand. In addition to communication, WAVES2CURE is proud to offer safe and natural innovation – other attributes that increase its establishment’s success and recognise its offerings within the industry. This can be seen through various positive reviews throughout social media platforms, discussing the efforts of WAVES2CURE. For example, Evelyne E from New York, USA, wrote, “After the broadcast, I had scheduled a follow up to have some test done. The result was astonishing because I Founded on the principle that bioresonance technology can and should be a noninvasive force for good, WAVES2CURE was launched so that meaningful and innovative solutions can and will restore the health of people, plants, soil, and the planet in a multitude of ways. As the Bioresonance Brand of the year, WAVES2CURE delivers safe and natural healing without any adverse side effects. Mar22311 WAVES2CURE Bioresonance Brand of the Year - APAC have been going through this issue for a few years now with the same results and getting more worrisome. The test after the broadcasting came back negative; it was clear from hematuria, which actually surprised the doctor and me. The CT scan and cystogram were negative also. I was very happy and grateful about the results.” Bio-Resonance Researcher/Practitioner Nimesh Topiwala expands on this review, adding, “ We have several success stories where customers had medical tests before using our services and the results confirmed the presence of certain health issues. They then came to us for remote bioresonance therapy. After we finished our therapy sessions, they ran another medical test, which confirmed the negative results. In short, some of our customers have been able to confirm through medical tests that our remote bioresonance therapy services have indeed cured their health issues.” At WAVES2CURE, the overall mission is to revolutionise people, agriculture, the environment, and society through these bioresonance technology innovations. As showcased above, up to 97% of clients have raved about the establishment – what it stands for, what it offers, and how it delivers its service. “We don’t just want to be a holistic healthcare company for people – we also want to improve the health of our planet, environment, and agriculture through bioresonance technology innovations. We aspire to offer our clients the most affordable, effective, and result-oriented bioresonance healing therapy services to help them transform their lives and reach their highest potential in alignment with their soul purpose. We use scalar waves based bioresonance technology. Nicola Tesla proved that scalar waves could pass through the earth without losing strength. We perfected this technology after years of research and can send scalar waves to anyone for healing purposes without the need of satellites or transmission towers,” states Nimesh. For the future, WAVES2CURE is releasing a program based on high customer demand for ‘energy cleansing, balancing, and healing.’ Therefore, the establishment has developed a plan that is offered based on subscriptions. Currently, WAVES2CURE is developing the technical and hardware capabilities that are meant to offer such programs to many customers, with the aim for launch within 2022. While the company has developed an outstanding 130+ bioresonance therapy programs, the ambition and dedication are strong with WAVES2CURE and intends to publish several more within the current year. With its recognition of Bioresonance Brand of the Year, WAVES2CURE is changing the world and the lives of individuals. Company: WAVES2CURE Name: Nimesh Topiwala Email: [email protected] Web Address: