Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 37 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Providing expert cosmetic surgery aftercare in a patient’s own home, Specialist Cosmetic Care is an organisation dedicated to ensuring a person can get the care and attention they need in the comfort of their own abode. Fundamentally, its team works hard to save a patient the discomfort and inconvenience of travel, aiding them in the week following an operation in order to check in on the incisions as they heal, offering help with showering and personal hygiene, and answering any comments, queries, or concerns. It also provides a full review of the patient’s condition, its expert staff sending all notes and photographic evidence back to the surgeon so that the professional can advise the carer on what the patient needs. Including a phone/email helpline for common post-operative concerns, Specialist Cosmetic Care effectively bridges the gap between surgeon and patient. Critically, this has allowed it to gain a reputation for alleviating undue stress on all parties; the client, the surgical team, and the surgery’s secretarial staff included. Providing this help on a client’s Specialist Cosmetic Care, an organisation dedicated to patient aftercare in the weeks following surgery, puts its clients first at every turn. Making itself the stress-relief expert and bridge between the patient and the surgery, it gives patients somewhere to turn to for psychological reassurance, wound checkins, and hygiene help, alleviating the pressure on the surgical provider and granting the client peace of mind. Its packages, ranging from totally remote consultations to postop visits conducted in-person, are each made possible by its kind, understanding, and respectful nursing staff, each of whom display a deep dedication to client wellbeing. Mar22256 Specialist Cosmetic Care Best Home Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Service - UK healing journey after a surgical procedure allows them to attain peace of mind, personalised care, and an in-depth service that can take place either in person or totally remotely depending on a client’s wishes, available through phone calls, video calls, and text messaging. Alongside its utilitarian work of checking in on the operational area, its aftercare includes emotional support. Nominally, it understands how disorienting the days following a surgical procedure can be, with concerns about something going wrong often prevailing on a client’s mind – no matter how good the surgeon or how confident they are in the results – meaning that they sometimes need an expert voice to reassure them. Whether it’s pain management, post-surgery anxiety, or something else, Specialist Cosmetic Care’s nurses are kind, caring, and empathetic, putting the patient’s mental and physical health above all else. Additionally, with the pandemic making travel more difficult than ever, it has been stepping up to answer the call of rising demand – especially for its remote services – and thus is working hard to bolster its capacity for handling increased numbers of patients. Offering a number of different packages, it looks forward to helping many more patients in the future, encouraging prospective clients to get in touch today to see how best Specialist Cosmetic Care can help. Company: Specialist Cosmetic Care Contact: Laura Summers Website: