Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 38 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Renowned for her impeccable efforts that aid in supporting healthier lifestyles, Kerryn Sawyer has been recognized as Australia’s Best Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach of the year, all due to her three programs, Plant Power Transformation, Plant Power Transition and Plant Power Kickstart. The Plant Power Coach Best Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach 2022 (Australia): Kerryn Sawyer Mar22521 Established with the aim to encourage individuals in adopting healthy, whole food and plant-based lifestyle, Kerryn Sawyer, a certified plant-based nutrition health coach known as the Plant Power Coach, utilizes this mindset and her three paid programs to change the lives of individuals and help them reach their health goals. Unlike other practitioners, Kerryn sets herself apart from potential competitors by blending her personal experiences into her programs relating to plant-based nutrition, health, and life coaching. “I’m different from others in the health coaching and weight loss space because I focus on plant-based nutrition. Many other health coaches tend to partner with supplement companies, and this is something that I don’t align with. When eating a healthy, balanced, WFPB diet, we don’t need to supplement (B12, and sometimes D, excluded), so when clients invest with me, they can feel assured that they won’t be encouraged or pressured to pay for expensive supplements that they don’t really need,” explains Kerryn, The Plant-Powered Coach. Kerryn has developed a space and a program that is entirely created to focus on the person – not their problem and uses her expertise as a plant based nutritionist expert, health and life coach to support people on their weight loss and health journey to understand what drives their behaviour and transform their whole lives, not just change their food choices. “We don’t just focus on weight loss tactics, like what to eat or how much to eat. We work a lot on the mindset and emotional management that drives actions and results. It’s very much a combination of learning about healthy whole food plant-based eating for weight loss, health coaching and life coaching,” adds Kerryn. Essentially, the primary goal of the business is to support as many people as possible in their evolving change into whole foods plant-based diets and, with that, challenge the current way of living on diets high in animal fat and processed foods and instead encourage a lifestyle that’s more sustainable by increasing plant-based health. With increasing success and reputation, Kerryn and her Plant Power Coach business have been working on releasing several new projects stated as her plant-based transition program that is six months long, aimed to support people in their step in the world of whole plant-based foods and weight loss. In addition to this program, Kerryn has released a second program that supplements the first transition that lasts three months, which is aimed to help people stay on track with their health goals. “A couple of new programs I’d love to launch would be around beating sugar addition and one around self-love, self-care, body image and acceptance. As humans, especially women, we spend far too much time beating ourselves up with criticism and negative self-talk; I know I did 20 years ago. I do tackle these in my weight loss program; however, some clients are more stuck in some areas than others, so it would be ideal to have a full-blown program to help them with these areas of focus,” Kerryn explains. While there is an unjust bias about the plant-based culture and the whole foods lifestyle, there is nothing short of care and excellence with Kerryn. Her programs are well researched, thoughtful and thoroughly designed to integrate health into a sustainable lifestyle – changing the lives of individuals on a physical and mental level. Company Name: The Plant Power Coach Contact Name: Kerryn Sawyer Facebook: theplantpowercoach/ Contact Email: [email protected]