Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 39 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Sumilayi is one of the finest brands in the Nordic region that provides luxury hair care products for those ready to embrace and support their natural curls with gentle ingredients that boost hair health and confidence. Sumilayi’s high-performance products are typically made for men and women alike who need assistance coping with their textured hair without taking away the natural beauty in the curls. However, most noticeably, Sumilayi products are being used by people with straight hair. “Our products are nourishing, so they go well with every type of hair, so it explains why people with hair that needs deeper care, or are damaged or dry, love our products,” explains Hendrina Nsumbu, the formulator and co-founder of the business. Sumilayi aims to bring an easy hair wash day to everyone as haircare is a natural part of wellbeing. Therefore, the foundation of the Finnish business is to provide a way for people to care for their hair enjoyably. Hendrina expands on this point, stating, “Everyone knows what it’s like when your hair is dry and in bad condition - nobody enjoys it. So from that perspective, we formulate our products and want to make sure that one of the things in your life, like taking care of your Devoted to encouraging people with all hair textures to fall in love with their natural look all over again, Sumilayi is a well-regarded Finnish brand and company that’s sole focus is providing high-performance products for curly and damaged hair types. Here we learn about its luxurious handmade products that are vegan and crueltyfree, created with natural ingredients and developed in Finland for customers with curly hair. Mar22432 Sumilayi Best Luxury Hair Care Products Brand - Nordics crown, is always a success. We don’t follow the trends; our starting point is from what hair really needs to be healthy; we want to make products that really work.” More than just its exceptional line of haircare products, Sumilayi considers its customers when developing each product to ensure the same level of detail and care goes into the development and its users. “Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We have considered what curly hair really needs and our customer’s needs. We always listen to what our customers want. Many of our products are developed from the customer’s reviews and wishes. For example, only a small group of our customer base is sensitive to fragrances. So even though it’s only a small part of the customers, we formulated a fragrance-free shampoo that we launched in November and a conditioner that is being developed at the moment so they could have an easy wash day as well. We take it to our heart to meet the needs of the marginal groups, too,” adds Julia Kinnunen, co-founder of Sumilayi. At Sumilayi, the company is currently focusing on developing additional products for the needs of its customers – regardless of hair type or other creative requirements, Sumilayi is putting itself to the test to ensure each customer, no matter the problem, will be able to have a healthy and happy hair day. Julia expands on this point, stating, “Lately, people tend to embrace and express their own natural beauty more, and we are proud to be supporting it.” Recognised as the Best Luxury Hair Care Products Brand in the Nordic region, Sumilayi is changing how people feel about haircare – boosting health and confidence in a shower. Company: Sumilayi Name: Julia Kinnunen Email: [email protected] Web Address: