Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 40 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards For many individuals, having healthy hair is a struggle – one that can be envied for those who naturally and seemingly obtain long, shining, and thick locks of hair. However, GLOWWA has been established to show people that healthy hair starts from the inside out, from what you eat, your lifestyle, stress and even digestion. These are factors that regularly contribute to the quality and condition of hair growth. Recognised as the Best Hair Growth Product of the Year and winners of LUXlife’s Innovation Award in Cruelty-Free Hair Care, GLOWWA is tackling these worries with scientifically formulated supplements designed to support and repair hair from the roots down. GLOWWA Best Hair Growth Product 2022: GLOWWA™ Hair Food and LUXlife Innovation Award in Cruelty-Free Hair Care 2022 Mar22211 At GLOWWA, products are made using results driven, natural ingredients. Because of this, its hair food vitamins have been nationally recognised as award-winning and are suitable for a diverse range of individuals whose collective aim is to achieve longer and healthier hair. Established as a vegan brand – a lifestyle and ideology that doesn’t believe in using animal products to develop supplements, GLOWWA products remove the vanity from its creations. They are accredited for its cruelty-free principles that are 100% dermatology tested for the safety of animals and its clients. With over thousands of thoroughly thrilled customers, GLOWWA clients are rising significantly, accrediting the products developed by GLOWWA to be helpful for hair growth and improving the condition of their hair along with several wellbeing benefits. Entirely plant-based made, GLOWWA is renowned for using natural and rejuvenating ingredients without traditional bulking agents founds in essential supplement products- ones that are unmatched in quality and results within the market. Director Suzanne Cooper expands on the company’s goals, stating, “Our mission is to help as many men and women suffering from hair loss and poor hair health as possible and ultimately help our customers feel amazing through GLOWWA products. To do so, We work with leading trichologists and hairdressers to enhance their client’s hair growth journeys from the inside out. As a natural hair nutrition brand, we support customers on their journey to optimum hair health and growth.” Moreover, in addition to helping animals by remaining vegan and cruelty-free and supporting individuals suffering from hair growth challenges, GLOWWA supports the environment and communities. As a pledge, with every order placed with the company, GLOWWA plants trees in several areas worldwide that need support, all to help mitigate climate change. Furthermore, the company has established itself as a plasticfree brand – another ingenuity supporting the world and its inhibitors. For GLOWWA, it remains a significant focus that people who work within the company support and have a like-minded character to what the business promotes; therefore, GLOWWA team members must share the same core beliefs of striving for giving the best service and results for our customers and have a general interest in health and wellbeing. Suzanne adds to this, stating, “We are very motivated to achieve the best results for our customers and help everyone feel good through using GLOWWA products. Therefore, any new team members who join must have the same values.” GLOWWA is recognised for its humane efforts in the industry. Overall, it is a result-driven company that produces a formula that is free from bulking agents, sweeteners, sugars, and toxic ingredients that can often be found in many hair supplements on the market. “The results we have achieved for clients over the last 18 months have been remarkable, and we have been blown away by the incredible customer feedback. We are excited for the rest of 2022 as more people discover the amazing results of using GLOWWA themselves,” states Suzanne. With two new recognitions under its brand as the Best Hair Growth Product of 2022 and winners of the Innovation Award in CrueltyFree Hair Care, GLOWWA is changing the lives of individuals across the world – including the world itself. Company Name: GLOWWA Contact Name: Suzanne Cooper Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]