Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 42 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Catering to all your browshaping needs, Ashnay Deo, a certified technician at Eyebrow Therapy, creates exceptional custom brows that are suited to each individual, allowing her customers to enhance their radiating and confident selves. Recognised as the Eyebrow Salon of the Year and presented with the LUXlife’s award for Customer Service Excellence, Ashnay and Eyebrow Therapy are perfecting brows across the Sydney area. EyebrowTherapy Eyebrow Salon of the Year 2022 – Sydney and LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Mar22394 For those wondering or perhaps unsure of the immense amount of skill and talent it takes to become a certified beautician, brow shaping isn’t a task that just anyone can pick up and without proper training, especially if done to yourself. “I specialise in eyebrow shaping and threading, which already differs me from the rest. I love working towards and creating perfect brows for my clients and am constantly improving my threading technique to provide the service in the most painless method,” explains Ashnay Deo, Owner and beautician at Eyebrow Therapy. Thus, at Eyebrow Therapy, Ashnay is able to use her specialist experience to bring the best and provides the right tools and information to help clients on their perfect brow journey. “I come across a range of clients, which I cater towards – a suitable place for everyone to get services done. At my store, you’re heard because I listen to your concerns. You’re safe because I respect your decisions. You’re supported as I’ll always be here to provide you with the service you desire because I communicate. I am using all that I am to provide the best quality services to my clients, as I just want to help anyone, whenever and wherever I can. That is what differentiates me from others,” states Ashnay. The art of brow shaping is precisely that – an art form that requires steady hands, patience, creativity, and undeniable training in order to perfect the required form. Like a hairstyle on a different shaped head, each style is unique with some better suited to others depending on a person’s features or personal preference. Eyebrows are the same, with some having different types and textures, whether there is pre-existing damage from waxing, threading, or tweezing and its placement, colour, and shape. All these details need to be considered before a job can be started. Therefore, at Eyebrow Therapy, beauticians take their clients’ face shape and natural brow placement along with the variety of other aforementioned details to create the best possible shape that will function over time. Ashnay adds, “I have the utmost passion for the job that I do, which you hardly come across amongst people these days. So, my happiness ensures everyone’s happiness as energy transfers. I do what makes me happy every day, including my job, so it’s a beautiful, neverending cycle of good vibes and happy days for anyone entering my store, including me.” Ashnay and her business are open to evolving and changing. She believes change is the only constant thing that will allow her and her thriving business to flourish while challenging the industry in skill and standard. Adding her final thoughts, Ashnay tells us, “I’m always looking for ways to change things as it’s a way to improve what I already have achieved and make it that little bit better each time.” With her innovative mindset firmly backing her unequivocal knowledge and skills within the industry, Eyebrow Therapy has successfully obtained recognition as the Eyebrow Salon of the Year and proudly received the Customer Service Excellence Award for 2022. Company: Eyebrow Therapy Name: Ashnay Deo Email: [email protected] Web Address: