Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 43 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Founded in 2007, erupted to great success, quickly becoming Europe’s largest spa travel company. Indeed, within five years of its establishment, the company had grown to a high level of prestige, appearing on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 for which it was ranked second. Operating in both the UK and overseas, provides a premium spa travel and booking service – it believes that there is a ‘spa break for everybody and every body.’ Henceforth, the company works in partnership with spas around the world to supply packages that are truly inclusive and non-discriminatory. ‘[Spas] are safe spaces to enjoy wellness, quality time with one another and where everyone should feel welcome to relax in their fluffy white robe and slippers,’ comments a spokesperson for the company. As such, the company takes a two-pronged approach, prioritising both the B2B and B2C aspects of the business. The B2B side of the business has been developed in order to streamline the collaboration between and its clients. In essence, works directly with clients in order to facilitate the creation of packages and effective marketing, it is then equipped to showcase the spa in the best way possible for their target market(s). For travellers, endeavours to streamline the booking process, making it easier for users to discover, choose, and pay for spa packages around the globe. It was the first within the industry to offer customers a diverse range of booking options and communications, from online chat to email, to phoning its UK based call centre or booking online. Furthermore, the company truly values its client’s feedback, maintaining a database of over a million clients, and more than 600 spa destinations, as it endeavours to adapt to its customers’ wants and needs. Relax – let guide you towards the perfect spa retreat for you. Indeed, makes the hunt for spa packages easy, all you have to do is fill in your preferences and let the company do the hard work. Mar22594 Best Health & Wellbeing Getaway Search Platform - UK Consequently, has become known as an industry innovator – ‘and those innovations have invariably come from listening to our customers.’ Over the years, the company has devoted itself to the betterment of the industry largely through significant systemic changes. One prime example is Spabreaks. com’s work with other industry leaders to change the way spa guests with cancer are welcomed and treated, as they were once barred from many spas and spa experiences. It has become imperative for to cultivate a team that exudes compassion and enthusiasm. Much of this stems from the company’s leadership, namely its founder, Abi Selby. Creating a company that understands the importance of a strong team, Selby has nurtured talent across the board – her default position is always to find the right role for an individual within the company if they are not performing in an existing role. In addition, she is an advocate for flexible working – especially for parents – and offers remote working where possible and wellbeing support for individuals. As a result, has a high staff retention rate, boasting numerous members of staff who have been with the company for over ten years. Abi Selby knows first-hand the struggles that women in business face. It is with this firmly in mind that she has worked to create an environment that enables women to thrive within the workplace – so much so that several women and former team members have gone on to set up their own businesses having been mentored by Selby, whilst many others have progressed into senior leadership positions within the company itself. Each of these elements have played a major role within the success of the company and further proved to be a benefit throughout the turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the crisis, many spas are operating at a limited capacity and are facing wide-scale staff shortages. The spa industry flew under the radar during the height of the pandemic and was largely ignored by those in power – however, as a member and leader of multiple organisations, Abi Selby has been at the forefront of the push for the industry’s issues to be recognised by the government. However, since the end of the last lockdown, has experienced a rise in demand. It notes that whilst people are now going away on day trips and short breaks more often, spa breaks are becoming longer. Throughout 2022, will be utilising its platform to aid spas in their recovery from the impact of Covid-19. Additionally, the company will be focusing upon increasing accessibility, helping to personalise spa experiences even further to meet individual needs. Internally, however, Abi Selby is planning on building a team of women developers in Brighton to bolster the tech development of the brand. She is working with local universities to encourage talent into the business and the company currently has two young women on placements. Contact: Abi Selby Company: Web Address: