Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 44 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Earning flawless reviews on countless occasions, Lotus Hair Restoration has made a huge impact on clients from all over, whether completely transforming their hair in the form of restoration or replacement, or quite simply by a cut and colour. People flock to Lotus Hair Restoration for its inclusive, innovative, and compassionate connections with clients, and it is most definitely a gem within its industry and community. Lotus Hair Restoration Best Hair Replacement Specialist 2022 (Yorkshire): Sarah Sullivan Mar22167 Promoting self-confidence, Lotus Hair Restoration uses cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results when it comes to reinvigorating a client’s hair. Fundamentally, its efforts concentrate on a holistic approach to regenerating new hair growth, adding volume by the use of specialist extensions and hair replacement systems. With its owner, Sarah, being both a trichologist and hairdresser who is passionate about renovating the confidence that hair loss can strip away from a person. Whatever the cause, hair loss can be devastating. To correct areas of hair loss, Lotus Hair Restoration uses the most advanced solutions available in its industry along with scientific knowledge of the hair and scalp. Sarah’s team at Lotus Hair Restoration use various revolutionary methods to ensure optimum hair quality is achieved. With its finger on the pulse of the industry, Sarah uses top-quality highly sought-after technology to achieve immaculate results. All of the colours used by Lotus Hair Restoration are certified organic and ammonia-free, ensuring clients suffering problems and fine hair are able to achieve beautiful natural and fashion shades without compromising the hair and scalp. Everything is tailored towards its clients in a way that truly makes them feel totally understood. Hair replacement systems need a focus and dedication from a professional and knowledgeable stylist, just like Sarah at Lotus Hair Restoration. With one-to-one appointments that treat every client in a private setting, it’s not just a hair salon but a safe space for people who are looking to improve their relationship with themselves. Transforming people’s lives is Sarah Sullivan’s mission through Lotus Hair Restoration – Sarah fundamentally understands how sensitive this subject is and always puts clients’ feelings first. This is why she only offers private consultations, in one of two separate and discreet spaces: the salon or the clinic. Sarah will assess the individual, and as required, offer treatment or recommendations, ensuring a positive and considerate experience from the outset. After an in-depth trichology consultation, Sarah will guide you in the right direction. Your issue could be resolved with a change in diet or vitamin intake, or it may need to be referred to another specialist for the correct treatment. Every case is different. Sometimes the specialist will need to be honest and advise that it’s highly unlikely that hair will grow back; to which the patient will have the option of male hair systems, Hairdreams Microline hair integration, or a wig which can be supplied and fitted in clinic. There are many options, from synthetic to top quality human hair custom made wigs, which Sarah prides herself on being an expert in. She has trained in London with Trevor Sorbie and the My New Hair team to ensure her knowledge and skillset is first-class. Sarah is an expert in the art of fitting Microlines hair replacement systems and extensions for adding volume and thickness without compromise to the client’s own hair. She learned the art after over 20 years in the hairdressing industry, in Vienna where she spent 3 months working in the Hairdreams couture salon before coming back to the UK to pass on her knowledge to other stylists around the UK and Ireland. It goes without saying that Lotus Hair Restoration has changed the lives and appearances of many people over the years, each of them leaving glowing reviews for the diligent and empathetic staff within the ranks of this salon. With hair being part of one of the most active systems in the body, it will reflect any deficiencies lacking in the rest of the body – meaning that hair can often reflect the overall health of the person. Hair loss can be caused by stress, diet, lifestyle, auto-immune disorders, and medication. With its holistic approaches to breathing a new lease of life into damaged hair, its five-star-rated salon both in Google Reviews and the Salon Standards Agency supports Lotus Hair Restoration as it promises to take good care of a client from the very first conversation through to treatment and aftercare. If required Sarah also offers referrals to specialists for PRP and hair transplants. There are many options to gain back your confidence and give you the hair you deserve, and the sooner you act on it, the better the results that will achieved. And, after all, when one finds a specialist that understands hair – and people – quite as well as Lotus Hair Restoration, why go anywhere else? Company: Lotus Hair Restoration Contact: Sarah Sullivan Website: