Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 48 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards The story of Olive Natural Skincare’s success starts in a way which will be familiar to many. Whilst having a product that is great, the packaging let the product down. So the team decided to do something different to stand out. It paid off, big time. In GHP’s Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022, the team were named Most Innovative Natural Skincare Packaging Design 2022. We caught up with the Olive Natural Skincare team to discover how they did it. Olive Natural Skincare Most Innovative Natural Skincare Packaging Design 2022 Mar22348 Olive Natural Skincare sits in a unique portion of the market. Their formulations are staunchly natural – their ‘naturalness’ is certified by an independent agency NATRUE. Every single product that leaves the premises is subject to a long list of ‘freefroms’. Based on the best that nature has to offer, the products made by this talented team are truly spectacular. But in business, spectacular isn’t everything. A brand is more than just good product. It’s a product seen by the public at large. The best brands are instantly recognizable, drawing words and emotions to mind at a glance, soundbite or smell. To achieve this, however, is very difficult. Certainly, the team at Olive Natural Skincare knew they faced a challenge when market research said that their brand was not being well served by the packaging design. With a good product on hand, and many more lined up, the race was on to find a new way of thinking. The journey started with a design firm, Brandarella, from Texas. Whilst a million miles away from the New Zealand home of Olive Natural Skincare, their expertise was invaluable when it came to exploring new options that would appeal to the firm’s main market in the United States. Brandarella pitched a host of concepts and the one which stuck out was built around bright color combinations and use of naïve cutout-type shapes. It was nature and simplicity all in one, offering a vision of the Garden of Eden though its eye-catching color scheme. In short, it matched the brand perfectly. With this concept now established, the design moved to the Olive Inhouse Design Group, who worked on the color combinations and contrasts of the new design. Olive’s ingredients are all plant-based, so it was a natural thing to come up with botanical shapes for the cutouts. The stylized olives that have now become synonymous with the design are a clear nod to the brand’s name and its formulation heritage. The result is a stunning package that stands out on any shelf, and in doing so, represents the brand perfectly. It takes the best of a new idea and has built it into something that is truly unique. By doing things that are different from the mainstream, and pushing into unexpected areas, Olive Natural Skincare has perfected a business model that is brimming with ideas and personality. With a growing awareness of the need for skin health, and safe skin products, consumers are looking for precisely what the Olive Natural Skincare team were looking for. The increase in demand has been anticipated by the team, however. They are at the crest of a wave that expects a more positive approach from brands internationally. Their success is something to be celebrated, and a credit to their skill. Company: Olive Natural Skincare Name: Mark Green Email: [email protected] Web Address: