Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 51 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Everyone is looking to live a life that is longer and healthier than ever before. Key to this is the ability to maintain a mindset and an attitude that is second to none. Whilst it is possible to live a healthy life without MINDiet, when things get tough, this is the team to turn to in order to put life back on track. The team’s outstanding outcomes are achieved through holistic psychology-based preventive and restorative health programs in forms of personal consultation, 4 or 8 person workshops and scientific talks. The success of the team’s approach means that mostly radical interventions – such as bariatric surgery – has been able to match their results. Instead of offering temporary respite, however, the transformative nature of MINDiet Program means that every aspect of a client’s lives, from fat loss through to metabolic age, has benefited from the team’s incredible knowledge. The team has been able to ensure that healthy clients have been able to burn fat at a truly astonishing rate of 0.5-1.5kg a week, moving forward at a pace which is thoroughly natural. Results are measured in changes of body composition ratios and metabolic age over time, closely monitored with laboratory results and medical supervision if required. This objective approach means that progress can be quickly and effectively tracked, and Living more healthily is not simply a matter of eating the right foods. It involves taking a closer look at how we live our lifestyles as a whole. For those who aim to live healthier, loose weight or have been advised by medical professionals to improve their lifestyles, the MINDiet is the ideal solution. Designed to restore mentalphysical balance, with the side effect of reducing body fat, the team earned acclaim in LUXlife’s Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022. We dig deeper to uncover the secrets of their success. Apr22187 MINDiet Holistic Health Programme of the Year 2022: MINDiet further steps towards a heathy lifestyle are entirely based on medical data. The focus of MINDiet has always been on what the mind offers to support the body as a whole. Extensive research and development led by Roland Kasek since 2014 means that the health-goals are achieved naturally at all times. Recently, the team has published results – authored by Réka Bogdányi and Emese Fejes – with the MINDiet Program when it comes to treating hypertension in overweight and obese patients. The publication of these results demonstrate the passion with which the team at MINDiet approach their work. Every decision is made to build on their incredible store of knowledge and allow clients to receive the benefit of the team’s preparedness. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant on the MINDiet team, halting the use of in-person appointments and consultations. The team’s response to these new and unprecedented limitations was to develop new and innovative virtual services, which involved the redesign of the various methods used by the time. Far from being a limitation, the team have pushed open exciting new doors which will allow the MINDiet team to flourish. The importance of burning fat cannot be overlooked when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. The best results, however, are those which take a holistic approach. Through exploring the way in which the body looks after itself, we can easily see the benefits that are possible for anyone to achieve. It’s clear for anybody to see that this is a team that always has the goal of better health for their customers right at the heart of their projects. Company: MINDiet Web Address: