Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 53 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd opened its doors in 2017, specialising in semi-permanent makeup and laser treatments. This offering proved to be a great success, and after three years in business, the company expanded its range to include bespoke beauty treatments. Holistic in nature, each beauty treatment is tailored towards the client and their desired outcome – be it clearer skin, a slimmer appearance, or hair removal. Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd offers a plethora of services, including dermal fillers, laser hair removal treatments, hair rejuvenation, and body contouring. Experts in providing natural and realistic results, the company has become incredibly popular, with many clients returning over and over again. However, Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd is perhaps best known for is semi-permanent makeup services. Cosmetic tattooing is a concept that has appeared numerous times throughout history, with archaeological evidence showing micropigmentation and tattoos on bodies stemming from as far back as 3350 B.C. However, its modern origin has been attributed to the first British tattooist, Sutherland Macdonald, in 1902. Popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Macdonald became known for his exceptional tattooing skills – it is believed, for example, that he tattooed George V. Macdonald, and subsequently George Burchett in the first half of the 20th century, created and enhanced a technique for tattooing a pink blush on the cheeks. Of course, now the technique is significantly more advanced. Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd utilises state of the art products in order to create semi-permanent makeup for the brows, eyes, and lips. Moreover, this Located in Ipswich, Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd supplies a range of premium cosmetic and beauty treatments at affordable prices. Over the years, the company has undergone a continuous evolution, as it constantly strives to improve – to be better in order to provide its clients with the best possible service. Mar22158 Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd Semi-Permanent Make-Up Specialists of the Year - Suffolk technique is perfect for any skin tone and any age, as the pigments used have been designed to avoid ashy, dull, or grey healed results. Semi-permanent makeup can last for up to three years; however, it does fade over time, which is why Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd provides discounted yearly colour boosts to prolong its life. Supporting the company is a small team of powerful women, who boast a passion for aesthetics and beauty. They take great pleasure in working closely with clients in order to create optimal results and a harmonious balance between the client’s wishes and the realistic harmonious results. Henceforth, the team are experts in building close relationships with their clients, resulting in both a high customer retention rate and gleaming reviews for the company. Indeed, Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd maintains a five-star rating on Google Reviews, with customers complimenting the atmosphere, the amazing results, and the excellent team. Within her 5-star review, Sophie Davies writes, ‘Super friendly, welcoming, and made me feel at ease. Answered all of my questions so I could make an informed decision. Thank you!’ Her testimony is further supported by Jo Beattie’s review – ‘I’m literally on cloud 9, thank you so much! […] I can’t believe how comfortable I felt throughout, it didn’t hurt a bit, you made me feel so relaxed Emma and I’m looking forward to my next visit when needed! […] Super talented, super professional and I really enjoyed my visit from start to finish. Cannot recommend you enough, so talented!’ Such reviews perfectly encapsulate Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd’s mission to provide quality customer service and seamless results. There is truly no end to the positive reviews, which is why Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd has acquired the title of Semi-Permanent Make-Up Specialists of the Year – Suffolk. Contact: Emma Bloomfield Company: Emma Hart Aesthetics Ltd Web Address: