Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 56 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards For Maureen Riley, being a fashion stylist is in her blood. Her grandmother and aunt have taught her everything she knows about styling, dancing, and music, and it has made her into the person she is today. Maureen is a warm, energetic, and creative stylist with a meticulous eye for detail, and expertise in crafting perfect, unique styles that are tailored to each individual. Maureen Riley Styling Personal Stylist of the Year (Netherlands): Maureen Riley Mar22231 From a young age, Maureen Riley liked to dress people up, do their make-up, and style their hair. At school, she learnt to knit sweaters and socks and made all kinds of clothes, from trousers to jackets. She says, “That whole ‘just do it’ mentality is what defines me as a person and a stylist. Add to that a large dose of passion and energy, then you have Maureen.” Maureen enjoys life, likes to laugh, and likes to have extensive conversations with people who cross her path. Meeting people and taking initiative is what gives her energy to continue developing and growing. The clients she has helped over the years are mostly women who are eager to transform their wardrobe in a positive way. During a private styling, Maureen asks clients to bring their own clothes, such as absolute favourites, or doubtful pieces. Any pieces no longer loved by the client are given a new home or are reused to create something new and refreshing. Each of Maureen’s styling projects will begin with an intake interview where she will chat to the client in order to gain a complete picture of their needs. She will in turn show them how to make the right choices, and she is happy to help them get out of their comfort zone. Maureen comments, “Personal contact and gaining trust are extremely important here. I will make sure to choose the right wardrobe for you that suits your character and personality. I will help you to look beautiful and to show who you are.” Maureen’s approach is to make every styling session a party, wherever she meets the client. If it’s at a client’s home or a clothing store, she will bring something tasty and a drink, turn on their favourite playlist, and then look and feel through the clothing. She tells us, “In the current zeitgeist, I find it even more important to be transparent, honest, and reciprocal to my customers, whether that concerns styling advice or substantive stories about sustainable materials.” As a stylist/personal shopper, Maureen wants to engage customers in experiences that help them decide what to buy, how to build their wardrobe, and use their money wisely. With positive energy and great enthusiasm, she will go with the client to select and buy clothes, giving them customised clothing advice in line with trends, sustainability, and cost efficiency. Maureen is also always open to collaborations with fashion brands and stores. As a stylist, she can be used for magazines, fashion shows, events, workshops, or collaborations with photographers, art directors, companies in the field of fashion, make-up artists, and other stylists. She comments, “I like to help create atmosphere down to the smallest details and let my work speak for itself.” In 2015, as the head stylist of a fashion show, Maureen got to know artist, Albert Chapel, who was innovative in the field of sustainability. He found ways to make clothes from, for example, wood and seaweed. Maureen shares, “I learnt a lot from that in a year. It felt like my job to get started with that and from then on, make much more conscious choices as a stylist. This is the future! That is why I started working at the sustainable fashion company, Brand Mission in 2017 and set up my own company with a focus on sustainable fashion styling.” For tailor-made advice, Maureen Riley is available every Sunday in Amsterdam at BrandMission, Haarlemmerstraat 36, 1013 ES, the place to go to find a wide collection of beautiful and sustainable fashion. Company: Maureen Riley Styling Contact: Maureen Riley Email: [email protected] Website: