Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 58 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Transderma has seamlessly combined the most precious natural ingredients in order to formulate a range of revolutionary skincare serums for both men and women. Indeed, over 30 years of advanced research supports Transderma. Join us as we explore the magic behind this ground-breaking, luxury brand… Leading Providers of Skin Health Antioxidant Serums 2022 Mar22759 Developed in Sweden, Transderma is an innovative skincare brand that has been built upon three decades of research. Home to a range of luxurious serums, Transderma’s products include no unnecessary, synthetic chemicals, instead relying on several natural active ingredients that boast the ability to stimulate cellular activity and enhance the health and appearance of the skin. ‘Our mission statement is ‘For Life, For Science, For You’ and this embraces the essence of these inventions,’ comments Transderma’s co-founder, Graziella Galleilli. Indeed, Graziella, an established businesswoman and skincare expert, worked in collaboration with the late Dr. Alvin Ronlán in order to create the brand. ‘Historically, the primary objective of skin care products has been to achieve a temporary improvement of skin’s appearance, mainly by keeping the skin’s surface moisturised,’ she explains. Henceforth, Transderma was established to make a difference. Utilising Dr. Ronlán’s thirty years of research into natural antioxidants and vitamins, the brand has gathered some of the finest natural components to manufacture advanced skincare products for men and women. ‘Today, however, more lasting improvement of the skin’s cellular processes and preservation of a youthful appearance by preventing or slowing visible effects of the aging process have also become important objectives for cosmeceuticals,’ Graziella continues. Through his ground-breaking research, Dr. Ronlán developed unique techniques that enabled the deeper absorption of vitamins and active ingredients into the skin. Graziella adds, ‘vitamins are sensitive substances and without preservatives most of them lose their activity. The system Dr. Ronlán has developed actually stabilises the vitamins in their natural, active form without using preservatives.’ Of course, this research found its way into Transderma’s products, and therefore, its serums provide an extra dosage of vitamins to the skin through topical application. Furthermore, Transderma’s solutions operate as a stimulant for vital processes, such as skin renewal, to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and increase brightness. On top of these scientific breakthroughs, the company maintains a team that thrives upon creativity, imagination, and hard work. Transderma takes pride in its staff, as it believes that its team is what helps the company run – they are dedicated, trustworthy, and positive. The team thoroughly enjoy their role in the company’s system and strive to constantly learn and grow in order to facilitate further success. Subsequently, this proved to be incredibly beneficial during the Covid-19 outbreak. Graziella and the team were greatly impacted by the pandemic – mirroring many businesses worldwide which felt the wave with great anguish. During this period, the company faced a number of challenges, including the lack of face-to-face contact. This meant that individuals could not come and test out the company’s revolutionary line of serums and skin therapies. ‘We could not attend trade shows, or conferences. We did not have events for our customers, and we obviously couldn’t directly ‘touch’ our customers as we have in the past when applying our serums. However, we sent samples and had video conferences as our customers, I believe more than ever, want to take good care of their skin. Now, they want to use products that are safe and trusted, clean, and efficient. They want to look good, and with social media as it is and having to show themselves on video more than ever, they want their skin to look its best!” Going forward, Transderma hopes to continue disrupting the current state of the skincare industry, bringing forward new solutions that contribute to the betterment of the market. The Transderma team hope to push consumers to make educated and empowering skincare choices by offering products with luxurious and effective natural ingredients. Contact: Graziella Galleilli Company: TRANSDERMA Web Address: