Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022

Page 60 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Everyone is different. From unique skin types to the individual style of a person, there should be something on the beauty market for everyone. Opatra Ltd is a place where ‘beauty, science, and innovation meet’ and this is always for the benefit of the customer. No matter where they are from, what they enjoy, or what they would like to achieve, Opatra has a creative skin solution that actually works. Opatra Ltd Best Global Technology Skincare Product Company Mar22274 Opatra Ltd is a London-based British brand that is recognised internationally. It promotes the best products for a healthy, happy, and simply luxurious future. Opatra utilises its cutting-edge concepts, inventions, and solutions for the benefit of the consumer – no matter where they’re from. Easily accessible and extremely popular, Opatra has the power to influence an audience that is looking for top-quality products and excellent overall experience with a beauty company. It influences its customers in the most positive way as it promotes variety, individuality, and uniqueness. Opatra’s client base is deeply enriched by the long-standing relationships it has with customers. Not only does it have deep ties with particular customers, but it also receives a lot of new traffic either via expert marketing or word-of-mouth referrals. These referrals stem from the flawless finishes that people obtain with Opatra’s products – they are inevitably asked about their seamless routines and glowing complexions and they are delighted to find Opatra. You can shop via categories, types of treatments, and by skin concerns – making it easy to find the best product for you or for any professional’s customers. As a multipleaward-winning business, Opatra has been recognised for its excellent products and services. Not only does it provide people with the opportunity to truly glow, but it provides them with the confidence to match. With anti-ageing devices, skincare formulations, professional facial and body equipment you can repair, maintain, and prevent skin issues in the present and for the future. Experience timeless beauty with its wide range of products from LED to NANO therapy. Its LED Lumiquartz Rose face wand revives skin to reveal a glowing and effortless complexion, its Synergy Face’s infra-red and LED technology creates the skin appearance of dreams, and its Opatra Glow face minimises inflammation as well as encouraging plump and rejuvenated skin now and for the future. There are many more products supplied by Opatra and we are excited to see what else they reveal. We are proud to present Opatra with the prestigious accolade of Best Global Technology Skincare Product Company – long may its success continue. Contact: Francesca Elliott Company: Opatra Ltd Web Address: