Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 7 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 and will without a doubt leave you 110% satisfied- this is your girl. Trust me!’ This comment is, of course, referring to Fiona Taylor, a veteran makeup artist and the founder of Faces By Fiona. Thanks to her experience within the modelling industry, Fiona developed a deep understanding of and, subsequently, a passion for behindthe-scenes beauty professions and applied creativity. She saw first hand just how impactful appearance can be. Henceforth, Fiona enrolled in fashion design course at the Miami International University of Art and Design, where she further honed her skills surrounding behind-the-scenes work. It was through her partnerships with leading brands like MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, The Body Shop, and The Red Door Spa, that Fiona harnessed her makeup prowess. Consequently, she has built an impressive range of skills that have only been enhanced by over ten years in the business. Such skills, including working in fast-paced environments, professionalism, and design, have served as a platform for Fiona to acquire an understanding of theme, mood, and facial anatomy and implement them throughout her designs to craft looks that are cohesive with clients’ tastes. Client-centricity is an element that is infused within the company’s structure, from the administrative team to the beauty team. ‘I select beauty artists who are aligned with the company core values and have 3 years of professional working experience and able to execute a range in technical ability,’ Fiona informs. In essence, the standards are exceptionally high, ensuring that each customer receives the best possible reception and transformation. Moreover, members of the beauty team are inducted into year-round training, where, under Fiona’s guidance, they are encouraged to upskill and develop as artists. Furthermore, Faces By Fiona prides itself on being inclusive. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Fiona experienced rejection by beauty industry professionals due to a lack of skills surrounding her skin tone and hair type – a problem that is incredibly prevalent to this day. As such, Fiona has grown her business to be as inclusive as possible, taking it upon herself to learn how to cater to different races and identities. Her beauty team is held to this standard. Fiona exclaims, ‘I would never want anyone to feel alienated by the features that make them uniquely beautiful! Time after time we receive clients who appreciate our range of expertise as many of them come to us having lived through the same experiences of being treated differently and not given the proper service they deserve!’ Everyone is welcome at Faces By Fiona, which, in an industry that is prone to discrimination, is a standout quality. In turn, the company has numerous loyal clients, and has cultivated an abundance of success. Faces By Fiona’s future is set to be fruitful, however, Fiona herself has multiple plans in the works. Her beauty essentials brand, Beluxxia Beauty, is set to expand, with plans for a new range of cosmetics that are suitable for touch ups. Further, Fiona is set to release her eBook that will serve as a guide for brides during their makeup artist search and experience. Throughout 2022, her busy schedule will include the continuation of her position as a Professional Advisory Committee Member for a local makeup school, L Makeup Institute. Contact: Fiona Taylor Company: Faces By Fiona Web Address: