Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022 Page 9 LUX 2022 Health Beauty & Wellness Awards Jan22124 A private, black owned, and incredibly dedicated company, Portia M has been working hard since its inception to make itself a front-runner in modern personal care. Fundamentally, it found its beginnings in 2011 as a Centurion based company with a proud South African pedigree and a Level 1 BBBEE contribution status that it maintains to this day, all of which it wears on its sleeve as part of its brand identity. All its products are also made to fit an incredible level of quality that it will never take chances on, something that it is happy to say has earned its manufacturer the SABS ISO 9001:2015 certificate for quality management, and that a customer can view for themselves in its quality policy documentation. Essentially, this contributes to its vision by allowing it to continuously push the envelope in skincare whilst keeping everything safe, reliable, and sophisticated. In an industry that changes so often and in line with the myriad of worldwide innovations that come down the pipeline daily, Portia M has committed itself to only incorporating the best and boldest of these into itself; thus, it remains competitive as well as maintaining its high level of scrutiny. Having become one of the leading skincare and cosmetics brands in Africa – and, indeed, the world at large – for its leading cosmetic and personal care products, it takes pride in supporting local suppliers by sourcing its ingredients from its surrounding region. Therefore, as well as a commitment to its clients, it also shows a deep understanding of social corporate responsibility and the importance of giving back to one’s local infrastructure. After all, in this case as with many others, a rising tide does indeed lift all ships. Serving its customers with quality, transparency, integrity, and a dedication to responsibility in both its local area and further afield, it has become not just a favourite for its outstanding product lines, but also for the attitude with which it serves its customers. Above all else, it promises to go above and beyond to ensure that they and their skin are cared for. With its friendly, knowledgeable, and highly professional staff, it can answer any questions, comments, or concerns that the client might have regarding its products, ingredients, or manufacturing process, always happy to assuage any doubts or point them in the right direction. Portia M, therefore, can provide a tour de force of everything and anything one might need to get hold of in terms of skincare products. Its baby product range is gentle to newborn skin, lacking harsh chemicals and fragrances and instead containing all organic products that will encourage healthy growth and development. For the adults seeking something to refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalise, its full ranges of different scents and collections promise to provide something new and different that a client can fall in love with. As an example, it has worked hard to develop a pomegranate infused range that is enriched with vitamins that rejuvenate and firm up the skin, giving it a new lease of life and youthful glow that will let a client approach their daily lives with a renewed level of confidence. From body lotion to anti-aging cream, toner, face wash, day creams for oily and standard skin, intensive serum, body wash, lotion, and butter, this full compliment of offerings allows every element of a skincare routine to be taken care of in the same handy collection. This is mirrored in its Full Marula range, its Men’s Range, and more, including a facial skin range that is purely focusing on the exfoliation, rehydration, and renewing of the face. Nominally, Portia M understands the stressors of everyday life and the impacts this can have on the skin; from lack of sleep to harsh fumes or challenging environments, the modern person can encounter all sorts of conditions that make skincare difficult, and this is something it wishes to help with. Therefore, its skincare products – again with all organic ingredients – promise to help skin feel light and bouncy all over again. It has also grown to include hand sanitizer in its product range, as an important part of good skincare is good hygiene, and with the pandemic still being a huge going concern for the world in the macro scale, constantly keeping one’s hands clean is an imperative. Therefore, it has developed a reputation for looking out for its customers throughout all the trials and tumults that the world might throw at them, pulling through the pandemic itself with continuous hard work and a steadfast commitment to keeping its products reliably great. Thus, its growth has been due to cultivating trust amongst its clients, something that has only been emboldened by its hard work in harnessing the inherent effectiveness of African indigenous oils and organic ingredients for cosmetic use, putting each of these elements with others that will allow them to work in the best way possible. Harvesting these indigenous oils with an environmentally conscious mindset, a social aim of uplifting the communities around where they are grown, and a moral goal of the uplifting and empowerment of young people in Africa, the business has secured itself as a cornerstone element of many rural areas. Going forward, it will be continuing to achieve this through its Portia M Foundation, a non-profit actively focusing on fostering entrepreneurship, social responsibility, youth development, and mentorship schemes for women and young people. Company: Portia M Skin Solutions Contact: Portia Mngomezulu Website: