Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023

23 | Luxlife Magazine Taking inspiration from the ancient Greek word for ‘Earth’ GAIA restaurant serves pure, authentic food, offering a blend of regionally inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Emphasis is given on simplicity, healthy living and full flavour. All meals are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Guests will find local and ancient recipes, adapted to maximise their health benefits, with no added salt or sugar. Recently, in recognition of its dedication and hard work, Euphoria Retreat was recognised in the Heath Beauty and Wellness Awards and crowned Best Holistic Wellness Spa & Retreat 2023. With a bright future ahead, Myrto lets us in on a few of the Retreat’s plans moving forward. “We have just launched a new programme, called Inner Emotional Harmony to address the need to feel at peace with your emotions,” she explains. “We are working on a new dedicated yoga retreat, and we are in the process of installing some pioneering and experimental new fitness experiences. We will also be launching an exciting new programme which focuses on personalised health with a more medical approach. The testing will provide guests will a fully bespoke programme to address their personal needs, such as achieving longevity, better health or improved sleep.” Contact: Myrto Efraimoglou Company: Euphoria Retreat Greece Web Address: Best Holistic Wellness Spa & Retreat 2023 Euphoria Retreat, based in Greece, is Europe’s leading wellbeing destination spa. Offering a wide range of treatments, programs and retreats that are both healing and holistic, Euphoria Retreat provides the ideal getaway for balancing mind, body, and soul. We find out more as the retreat gains recognition in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023. After a life changing illness, Founder Marina Efraimoglou created Euphoria Retreat, a place of healing where guests can be gently guided and motivated to live a more holistic, balanced, and spiritually satisfying way of life. By combining the best age-old holistic healing techniques from ancient Greece and Chinese medicine with some of the latest scientific advances, Euphoria Retreat sets a new blueprint for restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Whether guests are seeking a full health transformation or to simply feel more joy, a visit to Euphoria Retreat can act as a portal for meaningful change and a chance to fall back in love with life. “At the heart of our philosophy is 'Euphoria Methodos' (methodos translates as ‘the way’), which encompasses our treatments, programs and retreats, our food, our location and design, and even the way in which our staff interact with guests,” Myrto Efraimoglou, Marketing Director of Euphoria Retreat mentions. “It is an approach built on a unique blending of ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies and practices and a belief that we each have the ability to become our own healer.” Location is also fundamental to the healing process, incorporating the energy and mysticism of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras along with the rich scenery of Mediterranean mountains and sweeping valley views. The architectural design, attention to detail, as well as beautifully landscaped grounds of Euphoria Retreat creates an environment of total serenity and relaxation, a very homely atmosphere with care and philoxenia. The retreat offers a comprehensive range of wellness programmes and retreats. Guests come for a variety of reasons; to improve their mental health, reduce stress, to detox, for weight loss, for a more spiritual retreat, or to improve their fitness – and to dive into finding their life purpose… to increase self-awareness. “Our focus is on educating guests on a healthier lifestyle to help them make the best choices, not only during their stay but also upon returning to their daily lives,” continues Myrto. “We also offer follow-up sessions with guests after they return home so our guests can continue the process.” Trend wise, as the fallout from the past few years continues to take its toll on the emotional wellbeing of many, Euphoria Retreat is seeing more guests wanting retreats that can help them find a way through the tough times. It is this, Myrto tells us, which is one of the company’s core strengths. “Our programs and retreats offer a direct response to current times,” she states. “As many of us may feel daunted or having an ‘is this it?’ moment, the retreat follows the ultimate selfawareness journey.” Another growing trend in wellness which Myrto has noticed emerging of late is for more nature based and outdoor options. Euphoria Retreat has the perfect location for this and its fitness retreat, Spartan Spirit of Adventure, is an outdoor based retreat exploring the region of Sparta, in the style of Greece’s Spartan local warrior ancestors. Like all the retreats available at Euphoria, this is another playful experience of exploration and joy – with a physical focus. It is a chance to burn off pent up stress and energy and at the same time really enjoy the nature and sights around the area. Euphoria Retreat also offers one of the most innovative and cutting-edge approaches to nutrition. It has worked in collaboration with Eucrasia’s expert team of scientists to develop ‘3GL PLUS therapy.’ Based on a pin prick blood test, which measures the three most important biomarkers for metabolic health – glycogen, glucose, glutathione (the ‘3GLs’), as well as a simple urine test which measures more than 12 active metabolites and metabolically significant amino acids. “According to each individual’s results, food menus and exercising programs are customised for them in order to achieve better balance, energy and optimum health.”