2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 16 www.lux-review.com LUX 2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards emerging market developments. As our brands are well recognised and identified as premium quality, we are seeing the consumer and the industry embracing our products. The educated consumer demands natural ingredients and understands that the functional ingredients we use ensures a superior product. Exceptional ingredients such as Finger Lime Caviar, Golden Crown, Quandong, Davidson Plum, Lilly Pilly Riberry and Dragonfruit are just a few native extracts with multiple properties for healthy skin care. “To ensure that we are always meeting their needs and adapting to the trends they are interested in, Botany is a customer focused firm, which has led us to a reputation of prompt service and customer training and education. Social media is gaining momentum across all consumer experiences and we are working hard to build a strong customer alliance in this area.” Over the past year Botany has achieved incredible success and won many prestigious accolades, including Best Organic Skin Care Manufacturer 2018 in LUX Life’s Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards. With regards to the future, the focus will remain on creating high quality products that meet the needs of the firm’s valued clientele, as Celestine is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, here at Botany we are focusing on expanding our exposure in the UK and Europe over the coming 12 months. Our team is very excited in sharing our success and the ongoing growth of our company as we seek to build upon our current success and support even more clients over the years to come.” Company: Botany Essentials Pty Ltd Contact: Celestine Hade Address: 39 Cranwell Street, Braybrook, Victoria, 3019, Australia Phone: 0061 3 9317 9088 Facebook: @botanyessentials Instagram: botanyessentials Website: www.botanyessentials.com.au Established in 1997, Botany has decades of experience developing premium natural skin care products that incorporate potent plant actives. Every ingredient serves a function that contributes to providing full body optimal skin care, as Celestine highlights. “Here at Botany, we manufacture and export products under the brands of Botany Naturals, Botany Aromatherapy, Botany Naturals Baby, DNA Serums and Pure South from our two factories in Melbourne Australia. With 22 years in natural skin care manufacturing we are always assessing new and emerging trends. Our focus is to manufacture honest products that are gentle on the most sensitive skin type and that smell great. Botanical extracts are key to our success. Botany is focused not only in meeting the smart consumer’s expectations but also to continually drive innovation and lift the bar within our industry as a market leader. “Over the years we have achieved incredible success, and today Botany exports worldwide to over 30 countries with our products being sold in high end spa and salon, department stores, retail stores, B2B and B2C. Our products are sold to a wide variety of clients who are seeking premium natural and organic skin care products. Products include: serums, lotions, cremes, shampoo, conditioner and body washes. Generally, any product that you use to cleanse and moisturise your body we manufacture. Our solutions tick all the boxes for those seeking natural skincare products: they contain no sulphates, petrochemicals, glycols, parabens and no synthetic fragrances.” Skin care is very much a trend driven market, and as such Celestine is keen to highlight how Botany works to adapt around the latest industry developments, whilst at the same time working closely with clients to ensure that they are receiving the solutions they want to integrate into their skincare regime. “Being in a trend driven market, at Botany we have to work hard to stay ahead of the Botany Essentials is a long standing natural skin care company with over 22 years of experience. Celestine Hade tells us more about the firm and the range of innovative skincare solutions it provides. Botany Essentials Pty Ltd Best Organic Skin Care Manufacturer 2018

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