2018 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 41 “In the hair, beauty and prosthetics industry it is important to understand how each product is to be used. Following manufacturer’s instructions must be taken seriously when working with chemicals, and as such I take great pride in ensuring that my clients are always entirely safe when they trust in me. As as a Member of the (NZARH) The New Zealand Association of registered Hairdressers, I am always kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes and as such am able to offer my clients a truly cutting edge service that is entirely compliant with the latest regulations. Keeping them safe and happy is my top priority.” Looking ahead, drawing on his current industry experience Warren is excited to work with new clients and products, showcasing his vast knowledge and supporting even more customers, as he proudly concludes. “Overall, the future holds so many new opportunities with advancements in technology, products, the possibilities are endless. I look forward to working with a range of new clients and sharing my expertise with them. Keeping up to date with today’s industry is important for the ongoing development for any business, and it provide me with many exciting opportunities which I look forward to taking advantage of over the years to come.” Company: GF Hair Salon Contact: Warren Dion Smith Hair & Makeup Artist Address: 42 Willis Street, Spark Central Ground Floor, Wellington, New Zealand, 6011 Phone: +61 04 4725540 Instagram: warren.dion.smith FaceBook: NZ Hair by Warren Dion Smith Photo: Dave Richards Hil Cook & Warren working on model Morgan Photo: Nikita Brown L to R: Claire Prebble, Model: Faye Nielsen, Hair: Warren Dion Smith, Makeup: Jade Jolly Photo: Brett Stanley

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