LUX Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019 Page 25 LUX Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019 incorporate scarce and endangered plants into its solutions by using only a very small amount of the original plant. Stem cell cultivation technology allows the firm to use the potent stem cells of plants, whilst being sustainable and keeping them in their natural habitat. These innovative ingredients create a range of benefits for users and offer a natural alternative to other cosmetic and skincare products. Among the plants used in Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland’s products are Crocuses, Edelweiss, Argan and Alpine Roses. Each of these ingredients has a unique purpose and has been distilled and incorporated into a vast array of skincare products. Currently, the firm offers three main collections of products: Pollution Defense (Detox & Protect), Alpine Radiance (Maintenance) and Cellpower Experts (mature skin). Each collection features an array of products designed to invigorate and restore skin, giving users a natural glow and healthy skin. As part of its ongoing dedication to providing innovative and Swiss Made skincare products that meet the ever-evolving needs of its users, over the coming years Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland will continue to enhance its product range and incorporate more collections. As such, the future looks bright for this innovative and scientifically researched skincare brand. Enter a world of snowcapped mountains, where time stands still. Drawing on the expertise and passion of its Founder and Namesake, Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland has created a unique range of skincare products. Throughout Jacqueline Piotaz’s twenty-five years in Swiss skincare, between roles with prominent spas, beauty brands and product development labs, she regularly returned to the Valais for the mountainside comforts of home. During all these visits she indulged in old memories and found an old notebook that belonging to her Grandmother which featured a range of recipes for natural skincare remedies. Many of the ingredients for these recipes were now rare and protected plants, and as such Jacqueline had to wait more than a decade after discovering her Grandmother’s notes for Swiss scientists to develop techniques for the cultivation of plant stem cells, processes that do not harm the source plants and allowed them to be reproduced. Today, she has developed a wide range of invigorating skincare products using traditional notes made by her own Grandmother many decades ago. Her products are designed to help skin repair and heal itself, giving users a youthful, healthy complexion. Her solutions are truly unique as they use the stem cells of a range of rare and nearly- extinct plants, classified as endangered species, which contain especially valuable ingredients. They cannot be harvested for use within cosmetics, and as such Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland use stem cell cultivation technology, which allows the team to Rooted in the natural landscape of the Swiss Alps, Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland creates a range of luxurious skincare products designed to support all skin types. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards we share its story and explore how, from humble beginnings the firm has flourished into an internationally renowned provider of award- winning skincare. Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland Best Skincare Cosmetics Brand - Europe Company: Jacqueline Piotaz Cosmetics AG Website: